Papers Recommended to the IAS Transactions Editorial Board

472 Analysis and Design of Zero Voltage Switching Current Fed Isolated Full Bridge Dc/Dc Converter
Akshay Rathore
117 A Modular Matrix Converter for Transformerless PMSG Wind Generation Systems
Shantha Jayasinghe
416 Optimal Control of Single Phase Voltage Source Active Rectifier with Emphasis on the Minimal Electromagnetic Interference [Poster]
Jan Michalík
99 High-Voltage Boost Converter
K. I. Hwu, W. C. Tu
159 Asynchronous Generator with Battery Storage for Standalone Wind Energy Conversion System
Shailendra Sharma and Bhim Singh
260 Integrated Ambient Light Sensor on a LED Driver Chip
Jian-fu Wu
406 Microcontroller based Grid Connected Inverter for Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Generator
Poonsri Wannakarn
428 Impact of Manufacturing Imperfections on Cogging Torque Level in PMSM
Rastko Fiser
240 Exact Common Mode and Differential Mode Equivalent Circuits of Inverters in Motor Drive Systems Taking into Account Input Rectifiers
Pennapa Pairodamonchai
275 Monolithic RC-Snubber for Power Electronic Applications
Joachim vom Dorp, S.E. Berberich, T. Erlbacher, A.J. Bauer, H. Ryssel, L. Frey
67 Study and Implementation of a High Output Current Inverter with a Current Doubler Rectifier
Sen-Tung Wu,jian-min wang,Yu-Kang Lo
68 The Design and Implementation of LLC Resonant Half bridge Converter with Natural Interleaved Power Factor Correction
Chinyuan Hsu, Jian-Ting Lai, Ming-Che Lin, Ming-Kai Yang, Ming-Jyun Li, Ren-Wei Huang
158 Analysis of Output Capacitor Parasitic Effects to Output Voltage Ripple on Power Converter
Sheng-Yuan Ou
251 Hierarchical Control Scheme for Voltage Harmonics Compensation in an Islanded Droop-Controlled Microgrid
Mehdi Savaghebi, Josep M. Guerrero, Alireza Jalilian, Juan C. Vasquez, Tzung-Lin Lee
363 Small Signal Stability Analysis of Arctan Power Frequency Droop
Christopher Rowe
141 Deadbeat Current Control of LCL Filter for Grid Connected Three Phase Voltage Source Inverter
Katsumi Nishida
383 An Experimental Verification and Analysis of a Single phasetothreephase Matrix Converter using PDM Control Method for High frequency Applications
Yuki Nakata
393 SingleSwitch Constant Power Equalization Charger Based on Multi Stacked Buck Boost Converters for Series Connected Supercapacitors in Satellite Power System
Masatoshi Uno
324 A Shunt Current Control for Hybrid Power Source Consisting of EDLC and Battery in PMSM Drive
Naomitsu Urasaki
381 Investigation of the Circuit Parameters Design in a Power Converter by using High Frequency Power Devices
Kenta Watanabe