Hydroinformatics [set of 4 volumes]
Proc. of the 7th Intl. Conf. on

Editor(s): Philippe Gourbesville, University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis, France,
Jean Cunge, EuroAquae European MSc Hydroinformatics Course, France,
Vincent Guinot, University of Montpellier 2 - Maison des Sciences de l'Eau, France and
Shie-Yui Liong, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Table of Contents

Physical Simulation Modelling

Inverse Modelling for Flood Propagation
R. K. Price, W. A. Y. S. Fernando and D. P. Solomatine

Two Dimensional Flood Simulation using the Cartesian Cut-Cell Method
A. G. Morris, D.M. Ingram and C.G. Mingham

Modelling Flow Transitions at Street Junctions with 1D and 2D Models
Z. Vojinovic, J. Bonillo, C. Kaushik and R. Price

Large-Scale Urban Floods Modelling and Two-Dimensional Shallow Water Models with Porosity
J. Lhomme, S. Soares-Frazão, V. Guinot and Y. Zech

A Large Eddy Simulation Based 3-D Numerical Model to Predict Density Driven Currents and Associated Instabilities in an Infinite Channel
S. K. Ooi, G. Constantinescu and L. Weber

Adaptation of an Upwind Conservative Finite-Volume Scheme to Depth Averaged Turbidity Current Equations
J. Gonzalez, A. Tamburrino and Y. Niño

An Adaptation of Preissmann's Scheme for Transcritical Flows
C. Sart, J. P. Baume, P. O. Malaterre and V. Guinot

An Approximate-State Riemann Solver for the Shallow Water Equations
J. Lhomme and V. Guinot

Semi-Implicit Modelling of Rapidly Varied Flows with Transitions
A. Balzano and E. Torricelli

A Low Diffusion Two-Dimensional Extension of the Discontinuous Profile Method (DPM) for Advection Simulations
F. Badrot-Nico, V. Guinot and F. Brissaud

A New Coupled Model for Studying the Hyporheic Zone and Hillslope-Floodplain Interactions
J. P. Renaud, H. Cloke and M. Anderson

Numerical Modeling of Floating Granules Containment behind a Rigid Barrier in a Flume
A. Amini, A. J. Schleiss and M. Mahzari

Two Alternative Geochemical Modules used within a Reactive Transport Code - Coupling and Computing Performance Investigated for a Multi Mineral Front System
W. Pfingsten and D. A. Kulik

Theoretical Investigation of Instantaneous Source in Numerical Simulation of River Mixing
I. W. Seo and M. E. Lee

Asynchronous Particle Tracking for Transport in 3D Fractured Porous Media
M. P. Lam, R. Nebauer and R. Ababou

Coupling 1D Hydrodynamic, Dike Breach and Inundation Models for Large-Scale Flood Risk Assessment along the Elbe River
S. Vorogushyn, H. Apel, K. E. Lindenschmidt and B. Merz

Modified Rouse Profile, An Analytical Solution for Validating Suspended Sediment Transport Simulations
C. Villaret and J. M. Hervouet

MRI Experimental and 1D FE-FCT Numerical Investigation of the Sedimentation and Consolidation
D. Pham Van Bang, E. Lefranois, G. Ovarlez and F. Bertrand

A Novel Approach to Modeling Suspended Sediment Movement during Floods in Surface Waters
C. W. Tsai and C. J. Man

Recent Modelling Experiences in the Flood Mitigation of Lowland Floodplains in Hungary
T. Krámer, J. Józsa and P. Bakonyi

An Object-Oriented Framework for Eco-Hydraulic Simulation in Coastal Engineering
T. Schonert and P. Milbradt

The Computational Aquatic Ecosystem Dynamics Model (CAEDYM): A Versatile Water Quality Model for Coupling with Hydrodynamic Drivers
M. R. Hipsey, J. R. Romero, J. P. Antenucci and J. Imberger

Cell Quota Based Algal Dynamics Model using a Deterministic Lagrangian Particle Method
K. T. M. Wong and J. H. W. Lee

Towards Multi-Scale Integrated and Distributed Hydrological Models using the Liquid Platform
P. Viallet, S. Debionne, I. Braud, J. Dehotin, R. Haverkamp, Z. Sadi, S. Anquetin, F. Branger and N. Varado

Integrating Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Models in River Flooding Simulation System
A. Balzano, R. Deidda, M. G. Badas, F. Salis and A. Seoni

Chaotic Advection in Surface Flows: An Analysis based on Finite Size Lyapunov Exponents
M. Pattantyús-Ábrahám, T. Tél, T. Krámer and J. Józsa

Double-Aquifer Benchmark Problem for Density-Driven Flow
M. Hokr

3D Numerical Modelling of Flow and Sediment Transport in Channel Bend
A. Khosronejad, C. D. Rennie, A. A. Salehi Neshabori and R. Townsend

A New Procedure to Solve Steady and Slow Transient Flows in Pipe Networks
E. L. Junior and P. Vatavuk

Instrumentation of Sewage Networks: Assessment of Water Discharge from the Measure of One or Two Water Depths in Transitory Mode
J. Vazquez, I. Montandon and C. Joannis

Modelling Stormwater Runoff and Infiltration Processes of Permeable Pavements - A New Approach for an Old Problem
M. Illgen, T. G. Schmitt, A. Welker and K. Harting

Construction and Calibration of an Integrated Model for Catchment, Sewer, Treatment Plant and River
A. M. Solvi, L. Benedetti, V. Vandenberghe, S. Gille, P. Schosseler, A. Weidenhaupt and P. Vanrolleghem

Difficulty of Evacuation from Underground Space in Urban Flood
T. Ishigaki, K. Toda, Y. Baba, H. Nakagawa and H. Shimada

Relaxing Condition over Time Step Size using Explicit Schemes for Hydraulic Modelling
J. Murillo, P. G. Navarro, P. Brufau and J. Burguete

An Efficient Multiprocessor Solver for the 2D Shallow Water Equations
I. Villanueva and N. Wright

1D and 2D Solvers Coupling for Free Surface Flow Modelling
S. Erpicum, P. Archambeau, B. J. Dewals, S. Detrembleur and M. Pirotton

A Two Dimensional Vertical Model for Stratified Water Bodies
A. Dorostkar, A. Etemad-Shahidi, K. W. Olesen and F. Jakobsen

2-D Numerical Simulation of Flooding in the Lower Yellow River with Different Limiting Boundaries
D. P. Sun, X. L. Zhang, X. L. Liao, J. Yan and L. Z. Gu

Research on Flow Characteristics of Side Weirs using Flow-3D
D. H. Lee

A New Model for Computing the Stable Channel Cross Section in Gravel River
S. R. Khodashenas

One-Dimentional Modeling of Cohesive Sediment Transport in an Estuarine System
A. Shahkolahi, A. Dorostkar, A. Etemad-Shahidi and W. C. Liu

Numerical Simulation of Water Exchange for Sea Bays
J. H. Tao and J. Sun

Oscillation Induced by the Centrifugal Force in Open Channel Flows over Circular Surface
T. N. Anh and T. Hosoda

Data-Driven Modelling

Neural Network Rainfall-Runoff Modelling: Using Output Catalyst Hints to Develop Increased Internal Specialization
R. J. Abrahart, C. W. Dawson and L. M. See

Neural Network Forecasting: Timing Errors and Autocorrelation Issues
R. J. Abrahart, A. J. Heppenstall and L. M. See

Beyond the Prediction of Critical Flood Levels: Using Artificial Neural Networks for Failure Mechanisms below Crest Level
A. R. Koelewijn and J. B. Sellmeijer

Multi-Objective Evolutionary Polynomial Regression
O. Giustolisi, D. Savic and Z. Kapelan

Multi-Objective Design of Artificial Neural Networks: Pipe Failure Analysis
D. Laucelli, A. F. Colombo and O. Giustolisi

Assessment of Uncertainties in the River Flow Forecasts of an Artificial Neural Network
A. Y. Shamseldin, C. W. Dawson and R. J. Abrahart

Simulation of Multiple Water Quality Parameters using Artificial Neural Networks
P. Chaves and F. J. Chang

Soil Moisture Profile Retrieval using Bayesian Neural Network
P. Coulibaly

Hydrologic Modeling using Multivariate State Space Reconstruction
E. A. Roehl. Jr. and P. A. Conrads

A SWOT Analysis of ANN Versus Conceptual, Physically Oriented Modelling based on Lysimeter Data
J. Kumar, M. Ostrowski and A. Jain

Stochastic Fuzzy Neural Network Model: Deriving Optimal Stochastic Reservoir Operation Rules
P. Chaves and T. Kojiri

Spatial Pattern Identification of Soil Moisture based on Self-Organizing Neural Networks
X. Zhang and X. Y. Song

Assessing Model Prediction Limits using Fuzzy Clustering and Machine Learning
D. L. Shrestha, J. Rodriguez, R. K. Price and D. P. Solomatine

Statistical Rainstorm Tracking using Short-Time Interval Rainfall Data
S. Kim and J. H. Heo

Genetic Programming as a Model Induction Engine for Characterizing the Evapotranspiration Process
K. Parasuraman, A. Elshorbagy and S. K. Carey

Watershed Similarity Analysis using Unsupervised-Supervised Neural Networks
B. B. Hseih, M. T. Fong, M. R. Jourdan and J. D. Jorgeson

Numerically Optimized Empirical Modeling of Highly Dynamic, Spatially Expansive, and Behaviorally Heterogeneous Hydrologic Systems - Part 2
J. Stewart, M. Mitro, E. A. Roehl Jr. and J. Risley

Theoretical Comparisons between Simple and Weighted Average Combining Forecasts
Y. O. Kim and D. I. Jeong

Prediction of the Scour Depth around Bridge Abutments by using ANN
N. Şarlak, S. Tiĝrek and Y. Kayatürk

Assimilation of Satellite Altimetry Data into Malacca-Strait Current Model
V. Babovic, R. Uittenbogaard and H. Van Den Boogaard

Application of the M5 Machine Learning Method for the Development of the Low Flow Forecasting Model
L. Stravs and M. Brilly

Assessment of Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient by Means of Different Neural Networks
A. Piotrowski, P. M. Rowiński and J. J. Napiórkowski

Learning More about the Rising Limb of the High Flow Waves by using Machine Learning Methods
L. Stravs and M. Brilly

Optimization of Base Flow Separation Algorithm for Modular Data-Driven Hydrologic Models
G. A. Corzo and D. P. Solomatine

Time Series Data Mining: Techniques for Anomalies Detection in Water Supply Network Analysis
R. Gueli, M. Mongiovi, A. Ferro, R. Giugno, A. Pulvirenti and G. Marati

Prediction of Short-Term Water Consumption with Box-Jenkins Models
A. M. R. Bakker

Confidence Intervals of Quantile for the Generalized Logistic Distribution
H. Shin and J. H. Heo

Features Extraction from Primary Clarifier Data using Unsupervised Neural Networks (Kohonen Self Organising Map)
R. Rustum and A. J. Adeloye

Visualization and Data Mining Tools Applied to Algal Biomass Prediction in Illinois Streams
P. Bajcsy, R. Kooper, L. Marini, D. Clutter and M. Markus

Application of the Environmental Zoning Factors in Deep-Long Reservoir by Data Mining Techniques
S. Y. Park and N. C. Jung

Algal Bloom Prediction in Tolo Harbor by Genetic Programming
K. W. Chau and N. Muttil

Estimating the Sequent Depth of a Moving Hydraulic Jump: A Neural Network Approach
A. Parvaresh Rizi, S. Kouchakzadeh and A. Ashrafzadeh

Derivation of a Bedload Sediment Transport Formula using Artificial Neural Networks
D. Caamaño, P. Goodwin and M. Manic

Advances in Neural Network Hydrological Modelling: An Adaptive Co-Evolutionary Approach
A. J. Heppenstall, L. M. See and R. J. Abrahart

Derivation of Tide Fluctuation from a Global Ocean Tide Model and Totaltide Software
C. D. Doan, S. Y. Liong, H. K. Choo and E. S. Chan

Rule-Based Modelling and Systems

A Hybrid Technique for Optimisation of Branched Urban Water Systems
R. Farmani, D. A. Savic and G. A. Walters

A Neuro-Fuzzy Expert System for Flood Forecasting in Real-Time
A. Moghaddamnia, I. D. Cluckie and D. Han

Dynamic Neuro-Fuzzy Local Modeling System: Springs Flow Prediction Influenced by Hydropower Station Operation
T. Y. S. Hong and P. A. White

A Neuro-Fuzzy Based Approach to Wave Modeling
M. H. Kazeminezhad, S. J. Mousavi and A. Etemad-Shahidi

Macroalgae Harvesting Policy based on a Fuzzy Criticality Index
E. Giusti and S. Marsili-Libelli

Search of Anti-Accident Function for Flood Flow Management by Water Reservoir
V. V. Ilinich

Daily Streamflow Forecasting using Genetic Algorithm Based Neurofuzzy Approach
P. Pinthong, A. Das Gupta, M. S. Babel and S. Weesakul

Modeling of Algal Population Dynamics using Cellular Automata and Fuzzy Rules
H. Li, A. E. Mynett and Q. W. Chen

Application of Cellular Automata Modelling to Analyze the Dynamics of Hyper-Concentrated Stream Flows on Loamy Plateaux (Paris Basin, North-West France)
J. Douvinet, D. Delahaye and P. Langlois

Verification, Validation and Confirmation of Numerical Models

Geometry Measurement Versus Roughness Calibration: Application to Amazon River
G. Belaud, J. P. Baume, B. Le Guennec and J. M. Martinez

Technology of Identification of Two-Dimensional Functions Describing the Morphometry and Hydraulics of River Channel in One-Dimensional Model of Unsteady Flow
A. V. Romanov and V. V. Ilinich

Calibrating a Large Scale Fractured Aquifer Model for Extreme Events Prediction using a Dual-Permeability Approach
G. Lods, P. Gouze, A. Cartalade and R. Guérin

Open Sources Model Codes: Critical Review on the Routing Modules of the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT)
A. Van Griensven, K. Holvoet and J. Yang

On the Estimation of Soil Moisture Parameters in Physically Based Hydrological Models
M. Ostrowski and A. Klawitter

Exploring Parameter Identifiability and Temporal Parameter Changes in Complex Hydrological Models
G. Wriedt and M. Rode

Validation of a Fully 3D Large Eddy Simulation Model to Predict Removal of a Neutrally Buoyant or a Dense Miscible Contaminant from a Bottom River Cavity by a Fully Turbulent Overflow
K. Chang, G. Constantinescu and S. Park

A Two Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for the Study of Instream Flows in Rivers
C. Álvarez, J. A. Juanes, J. A. Revilla and A. Garcia

The Numerical Investigation of Two Algorithms of Surface-Tracking Method for Free Surface Calculation
J. Zeng, G. Constantinescu and L. Weber

Dike-Break Induced Flood Wave Propagation
S. Roger, E. Büsse and J. Köngeter

Three-Dimensional Modeling of Density Current in Straight Channel
E. Aram and B. Firoozabadi

Numerical Simulation of the Three-Dimensional Flow at the Confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers
D. Ðorđvić and M. Ivetić

Entrainment in 3-D Density Currents
S. Hormozi, B. Firoozabadi and H. G. Jahromi

Modeling Vertical Heat and Water Fluxes from River Basin Area with AVHRR/NOAA-Based Information on Land Surface Characteristics
E. Muzylev, A. Uspensky, Z. Startseva and E. Volkova

Inter-Comparison of CFD Codes using Data from a Large-Scale Physical Model
P. Naden, P. Rameshwaran, C. A. M. E. Wilson, R. Malki, D. A. Egarr, D. R. Shukla and K. Shiono

Sedimentary Oxygen Demand for Laminar and Turbulent Boundary Layer
M. Higashino, H. G. Stefan and B. L. OConnor

Reynolds Averaged Simulation of Turbid-Density Current
A. Mehdizadeh and B. Firoozabadi

Predictions of Event-Based Pesticide Flux at the Catchment Scale: A Model Evaluation Exercise
S. Madier, T. Leviandier and I. G. Dubus

Fuzzy Knowledge-Based Curve Evaluation for 1-D River Model Calibration
J. P. Vidal and S. Moisan

Numerical Modelling of Enteric Bacterial Contamination in Bathing Waters
L. Yang, B. L. Lin and R. Falconer

Estimation of Chlorine Residual in a Drinking Water Distribution System
F. Morga, D. Termini and G. Viviani

Analysis of UMSICHT Water Hammer Benchmark Tests: Results from PSI using TRACE and RELAP5 Codes
W. Barten, A. Jasiulevicius, O. Zerkak and R. Macian-Juan

Evaluation of Combine Sewer Overflow using Mathematical and Physical Modeling
J. Pollert, V. Bareš and K. Vrátný

Using Genetic Algorithms for Calibration of Water Distribution Models
D. Kozelj, F. Steinman and P. Banovec

Genetic Alogrithms for Calibrating a Catchment Modelling System with Spatially Variable Parameters
T. J. Fang and J. E. Ball

Management of Uncertainty of the Results of Models

An Approach to Assess Uncertainty of Sediment Transport Models
B. Bhattacharya, R. K. Price and D. P. Solomatine

Uncertainty Based Calibration of a New River Water Quality Model: Application to Urola River
C. Martin, C. M. Cardona, A. Salterainn, E. Ayesa, I. Eguinoa and M. Garcia-Sanz

Assessment of Parameter Uncertainty in Rainfall Runoff Modelling
K. Schroeter, D. Muschalla and M. Ostrowski

Info-Gap Analysis of Flood Model Calibration
D. Hine and J. Hall

Effects of Subbasin Size on Flow Simulation Uncertainty in Pyeonchang River Watershed, Korea
J. H. Kim and D. H. Bae

Efficient Approach to Evaluation of Ecological Model Uncertainty
M. G. Erechtchoukova

Comparison of Methods for Uncertainty Analysis of Hydrological Models
C. J. Chen, D. Lal Shrestha, G. C. Perez and D. Solomatine

Using Object Oriented Methods for Adaptive Hydrological Model Development and Uncertainty Estimation
C. Gattke and M. Pahlow

The Effect of Acceptability Threshold over an Integrated Urban Drainage Model Uncertainty
G. Freni, G. Mannina and G. Viviani

Analysis of the Water Distribution Network with Uncertain Nodal Demand using Fuzzy Sets
N. Branisavljevic, M. Ivetic and D. Prodanovic

Contribution to the 3D Modelling of the Suspended Sediment Flow in a Storm-Water Tank by the Use of the Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)
A. Terfous, J. Vazquez, M. Dufresne, J. B. Poulet, A. Ghenaim, G. Lipeme-Kouyi and C. Vasile

Advanced Application of Modelling

Ensemble Weather Forecasts and Operational Management of Regional Water Systems
S. J. Van Andel and A. H. Lobbrecht

Non-Linear, Multivariate Forecasting of Hydrologic and Anthropogenic Responses to Meterological Forcing
E. A. Roehl Jr. and T. Murray

Snowmelt Flood Frequency Estimation using Physically Based Model Coupled with Weather Generator (with Estimation's Uncertainty)
A. N. Gelfan

An Experiment of Rainfall Prediction over the Odra-Catchment by Combining Weather Radar and a Numerical Weather Model
I. D. Cluckie, M. A. Rico-Ramirez, Y. Xuan and W. Szalinska

Stochastic Real-Time Forecasting with Radar Image Extrapolation and a Distributed Hydrologic Model
S. M. Kim, Y. Tachikawa and K. Takara

Estimating and Reducing Forecast Uncertainty in Real-Time Flood Forecasting
M. B. Butts, A. K. V. Falk, H. Madsen and J. Hartnack

Individual Based Modelling in Ecosystem Dynamics
A. E. Mynett and Y. Morales

Inferring Environmental System Dynamics from Time Series Data
D. Mancarella, A. Doglioni, V. Simeone and O. Giustolisi

Investigation the Value of Hydrologic Model Complexity and Spatial Information using Multicriteria Methods
D. P. Boyle, G. Lamorey, S. Bassett, G. Pohll, P. Krause and S. Kralish

Integrating 3D Hydrodynamic Transport and Ecological Plant Models of the Savannah River Estuary using Artificial Neural Network Models
E. A. Roehl, R. C. Daamen, P. A. Conrads and W. M. Kitchens

Pattern Analysis and Evolutionary Model Induction of Fecal Coliform Dynamics in an Urban Sewer System
B. C. Paik and T. Y. S. Hong

Parameter Estimation in Shallow Water Equations based on Surrogate Neural Network Models and Genetic Algorithms
J. M. Hervouet and J. M. Martinez

Combined Neural Network and Ensemble Kalman Filter Application for Discharge and Water Level Forecasting in the River Rhine
S. G. Aguilar, G. Y. El Serafy and A. E. Mynett

About the Modeling of Weirs and other Hydraulic Structures with Two-Dimensional Polynomials in One Dimensional Flow Simulation
U. Teschke and S. Rath

Uncoupled 3D Lattice Animation: A New Visualisation of Floodplain Inundation Events
A. G. Barnett

A Distributed Hydrological Modelling Approach to Flow Forecasting of a Large River Basin
S. Maskey and R. Venneker

Development of Combined Watershed and Ground-Water Models in Korea
N. W. Kim, I. M. Chung, Y. S. Won and J. Lee

Real-Time Analysis of Water Supply and Distribution Systems
P. Ingeduld and E. Zeman

Development of a Real-Time Turbidity Monitoring and Modelling System for a Reservoir
S. W. Chung, S. W. Yoon and I. H. Ko

Application of Data Reconciliation on an Irrigation Canal
N. Bedjaoui, X. Litrico, A. Lourosa and J. Ribot-Bruno

Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics Technique to Instrument CSOs
G. Lipeme-Kouyi, J. Vazquez, N. Le Nouveau and P. Battaglia

On Stochastic Modeling of Daily Rainfall Process
V. T. V. Nguyen and A. Hussain

Parameter Scale Analysis in Runoff Modelling in Semi-Arid Regions of Brazil with the Model NAVMO
E. E. De Figueiredo, H. B. L. Júnior, O. M. Furtunato and A. M. C. Crispim

Long-Term Runoff Simulations with the Model NAVMO for Regional Analyses in Semi-Arid Regions of Brazil
E. E. De Figueiredo, O. M. Furtunato, A. S. O. Nunes and A. M. C. Crispim

Generalised Cross-Covariance Analysis for Uncertainty Estimation of Shifts in Time Series
H. F. P. Van Den Boogaard, R. E. Uittenbogaard and A. E. Mynett

Global and Distributed Modelling of Runoff in Northern Algeria
M. Assaba, J. P. Laborde and F. Achour

Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Modeling Application for the Urbanized Catchment
K. D. Oh, B. H. Jun, W. S. Ahn, S. W. Park and S. H. Jang

Earth Observation Data Assimilation in Marine Forecasting
J. V. T. Sørensen, A. C. Erichsen, O. S. Petersen, L. B. Hansen and L. Nyborg

A Current and Turbidity Forecasting System for Environmental Control of Construction Activities in a Stratified Sea
M. Tanaka, S. Inagaki and T. Adachi

Lagrangian Numerical Modelling of Boom and Oil Spill Motion for rhe Management of Coastal Pollution Risk
D. Violeau, C. Buvat and R. Issa

Monitoring and Modelling Foz do Arelho Submarine Outfall Plume
C. Alves, S. Carvalho, M. Santos, J. H. S. Zenha and R. Neves

Extreme Storm Surge Distributions and Practical Applications at Marseilles (France)
P. Gaufres and F. Sabatier

Study Cases

Three-Dimensional Numerical Modelling of Flow Conditions in a River Bend during a 100-Year Flood using Polyhedral Finite Volumes
M. Tritthart

Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Flood Flows with Unknown Boundary Conditions
S. Onda, T. Hosoda, T. Uchida and N. Jacimovic

Flood-Peak Estimation in Ghezel-Owzan River using the Hayami's Model
A. Norouzi and A. R. Ghavasieh

LES Investigation of Horseshoe Vortex System at the Base of a Bridge Abutment at Equilibrium Bed Scour Conditions
M. Koken and G. Constantinescu

Estimating Water Depths using Artificial Neural Networks
P. A. Conrads and E. A. Roehl

Using Artificial Neural Network Models to Integrate Hydrologic and Ecological Studies of the Snail Kite Falcon in the Everglades, USA
P. A. Conrads, E. A. Roehl, R. Daamen and W. M. Kitchens

Simulation of Outflow Discharge and Suspended Load in the Choshui River Basin
C. H. Wu, C. N. Chen, J. Y. Chen, C. H. Tsai and C. T. Tsai

Hydrological Modelling of Yongding River for Flood Drainage by Digital Terrain Model
Q. W. Chen, W. F. Li and A. Mynett

1D River Model and a GIS Tool for Floodplain Mapping: A Case Study of the Ouseburn Catchment, Newcastle, UK
T. Thaveevouthti and V. Kutija

Hydrological Simulation in the ArcGIS Environment: Case Study of the Modder River Basin, South Africa
E. Theron and S. W. Slabbert

Use of Geostatistical Estimation and GIS Tools to Determine Aquifer Properties under Limited Data Availability
K. Max and M. Kizza

Modeling the Potential Effect of Extreme Weather Condition on Water Temperature in McNary Dam
M. Politano, Md. M. Haque, S. Sinha, G. S. Constantinescu and L. Weber

Modeling Water Allocation Between Wetland and Irrigated Agriculture: Case Study of the Jarrahi Basin, Iran
S. Sima and M. Tajrishy

Flood Quantile Estimation for Narayani River System Nepal using Regional Flood Frequency Analysis Approach
N. K. Goel, B. Gauchan and D. S. Arya

Forecasting of Damage Length of Maritime Structures Caused by Typhoons based on Central Pressure Method
R. Hashimura

Importance of Diffraction Process in Coastal Wave Modelling: A Numerical Case Study
M. A. Sarker, A. Battison, G. Guthrie and R. Hopewell

On the Prediction of Salinity Intrusion in Danshui Estuarine System
A. Dorostkar, A. Shahkolahi, A. Etemad-Shahidi and W. C. Liu

Impacts Assessment of the Rupert River Diversion on Rupert Bay Estuary Hydrodynamics
P. Dupuis, J. Dumas, D. Messier and S. Weyman

Numerical Simulation of Tidal Current of Shimabara Bay using the Forecasted Weather Data
W. Nishida, D. P. Solomatine and M. Noguchi

Conflict Resolution in Water Resources Allocation
M. Asadzadeh Esfahani, R. Kerachian and S. M. M. Naeini

Water Sharing Conflict in Transboundary Catchment of Ganges River and Degrading of Mangroves Wetlands Ecosystems in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh
S. N. Islam and A. Gnauck

Critical Generation Capacity at Vancouver Island and Lower Mainland under Water Use Plan
G. Sreckovic, K. Groves and P. Vassilev

Increasing Performance of Final Settling Tanks by using Baffles
A. Tamayol, B. Firoozabadi and G. Ahmadi

Modeling of the Water Quality of the Medium-Scale River Basin "Grote Nete" (Flanders, Belgium)
H. Rouhani, J. A. Gbadegesin, S. G. Mengistu and J. Feyen

Water Quality and Ecosystem Modelling: A Case Study for Sonso Lagoon, Colombia
C. A. Velez and A. E. Mynett

The Role of Lateral Nitrogen Transport and Storage Processes in Catchment Scale Modelling
M. Rode, G. Wriedt, F. B. Hesser, U. Franko and S. Kralisch

Evaluation of River Environmental Variation and Countermeasures
J. Yan, D. P. Sun, L. Zhang and N. Q. Jiang

Prediction of Water Quality Pollution by PSO Algorithm
K. W. Chau

Water Environment Safety Against Emergency Accident in Chemical Industry Area in China
M. M. Wang and Y. W. Zhou

Transient Evaluation of the Flow Control System of Meybod-Ardakan Water Conveyance Pipeline
A. Malekpour, B. W. Karney and E. Roshani

Assessment of Groundwater Pumping and Subway Effects on Hydrologic Cycle in Urbanized Area using WEP Model
S. J. Noh, H. J. Kim and C. H. Jang

Numerical Investigations on Flush Waves in Sewer Channels using Computational Fluid Dynamics
J. Schaffner, M. Oberlack and N. Kirchheim

Assessment and Re-Allocation of Drinking Water Intakes along Rosetta Branch
N. Donia

Evaluation of the Reuse of Drainage Water using Modeling Techniques Case Study: Gharbia Drain, Egypt
A. A. Khalifa, A. N. El-Bahrawy, N. S. Donia and H. A. H. A. H. El-Gammal

Role of Practitioners and Hydroinformatics in the Decision-Making Process for Morphological Management of an Estuary
J. J. Peters, J. A. Cunge and Y. M. G. Plancke

Management of the Loire Estuary - 3D Versus 2D Hydrodynamic Modelling
O. Bertrand, R. Walther, E. David, L. Hamm and C. Guilbaud

Two-Dimensional Modeling of Bed Evolution in River: A Case Study on the River Loire
M. De Linares and P. Belleudy

Use of Coupled Surface - Groundwater Models for Quantitative Water Management: Example of the Charente Basin, France
F. Christin, P. O. Malaterre and P. Le Goulven

Rainfall-Runoff Model Comparison of Various Time Scales for Ten-Day Flow Simulation
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Comparison of Three Physically Based Distributed Rainfall-Runoff Models in a Mountaineous Watershed in Korea
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The Integrated Catchment Study of Auckland City (New Zealand) : Times Series Modelling with Integrated Models
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The Application of Advanced Numerical Modelling Techniques to Nationwide Drainage Assessment in Brunei Darussalam
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Spatial and Temporal Variations of Long-Term Runoff in Korean Peninsula
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Dielectric Study on the Measurement of Saturated Physical Parameter of Soil Media
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Numerical Modelling of the Morphological Behavior of River Rocha for Flood Mitigation
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Modelling of Extreme Floods passing through a Reservoir on the Vltava River
P. Sklenar and V. Binovec

Calculation of the Water Table Rising behind the Road Embankment during an Exceptional Flood of the Moselle River in Remiremont
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Numerical Simulation of Flooding Effects Caused by South-to-North Transfer Project
D. P. Sun, X. L. Liao, J. Yan, P. T. Wang and Yu Sun

Groundwater Simulation Study for Coastal Alluvial Aquifer in Tioman Island, Malaysia
N. Abd. Rahman

ALCANTARILLADOS: Software for Integrated Management of Sewer System
M. E. M. Castiblanco, G. A. H. Córtes and J. G. S. Valderrama

CIRE, A Calibrated Simulator for Streams Located Downstream of Spanish Nuclear Power Plants
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Application of EPANET2.0 Hydraulic Model for Leakage Reduction in Bangkok Water Distribution Network
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Using the Liquid Framework to Build an Agricultural Subsurface Tile-Drainage Model
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Environmental Flow & Usable Water Resources in River System: Concepts, Approaches and Applications in Yellow River Domain
J. Xia

Coupling Hydrological and Meteorological Models using OpenMI to Investigate Land-Use and Climate Change
J. Overgaard, M. B. Butts, D. Rosbjerg and J. Gregersen

Proof of Concept of OpenMI: A Test Case for the Thames
S. Crooks and C. Prudhomme

Development of a Model Based Tuning Tool for Simulation of STAR Control at Blois WWTP
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Executing Hydrodynamic Simulation on Desktop Grid with ObjectWeb ProActive
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Web-Based Modelling Systems and Applications

Data Exchange between Hydro Engineering Web Services
G. Hildebrandt and P. Holz

Web Services for Distributed A Hydro-Information System
J. Horak, A. Orlik, J. Stromsky and V. Marsik

The Fifth Generation of Modelling in Hydroinformatics
M. B. Abbott, B. E. Tumwesigye and Z. Vojinovic

Mass Customised Advice-Serving Systems in Hydroinformatics
M. B. Abbott, K. N. Thein and Y. Huang

Technical Information System and Modeling of Irrigation Networks at the Socit du Canal de Provence
G. Cardoën and D. Roland

Developing WebGIS-Based System for Rainfall-Runoff Forecast and Real-Time Water Resources Assessment in Beijing Metropolis
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Web-Based Information System for Multi-Scale Physical State Variables
F. Molkenthin, R. Hinkelmann, F. Lindenmaier and E. Zehe

Geographic Information System and Virtual Imaging

Remote Sensing for Water Quality Monitoring of Lakes Case Study: Lake Manzala
N. Donia and M. Ahmed

GIS-Based Nutrient Transport Model for Watershed-Scale Water Quality Problems
T. Kato and T. Satoshi

Application of a GIS-Based Nutrient Loading and Water Balance Tool to Support Assimilative Capacity Studies in the Lake Simcoe and Nottawasaga River Basins, Ontario, Canada
T. Boston, B. Evans, M. Walters and M. Richardson

An Integration of GIS and 1D River Model in Floodplain Mapping
T. Thaveevouthti and V. Kutija

Development of HyGIS Extension Module for SWAT
K . T. Kim and Y. S. Choi

Combined Spatial, Topological and Scaling Analysis of River Basin Hydro-Geomorphometry: The HydroStruct Application within the OdefiX Generic Java Framework
C. Cudennec, J. C. Pouget, F. Bousquet, C. Laumond and D. Rolland

GIS Application to Evaluate Relation of Stream Order to Population Distribution in River Basins
H. Miyamoto, K. Michioku, C. Tanaka and T. Tanaka

Flood Plain Mapping for East Rapti River, Nepal using GIS and HEC-RAS
D. S. Arya, B. Gauchan and N. K. Goel

Extraction of Physiographic Parameters for a Distributed Hydrologic Model through the Implementation of a Geomatic Module
R. Franco-Plata, V. H. Guerra-Cobián, L. R. Manzano-Solís, E. Quentin, K. M. Bâ and C. Díaz-Delgado

Automated Schematic Maps for Water Network Applications using GIS: Simulated Annealing Approach
S. Anand, J. M. Ware, M. Jackson, K. Vairavamoorthy and G. Taylor

LiDAR Data Processing for Detailed Inundation Simulation of an Urbanized Area
R. Tsubaki, I. Fujita and H. Teraguchi

Systems of Data Acquisition, Modelling and Management

Comparison of Raingauge- and Radar-Measured Rainfall for Runoff Simulation
T. Piman, M. S. Babel and A. Das Gupta

Managing Multidisciplinary Model Based Water Management Projects
H. Scholten, A. Kassahun and J. C. Refsgaard

Sensitivity Analysis of Hydrological Modelling for Runoff Parameters Determination on the Yongdam Watershed in Korea
H. S. Yi and S. Y. Park

Generation of Flood Inundation Map from Remote Sensing Images: Use of Neural Networks
X. G. Liu and D. P. Solomatine

Development of the Observed Data Disclosure System
T. Moriyama, Y. Suzuki and A. Ogawa

Mining a Database on Alsatian Rivers
C. Grac, A. Hermann, F. Le Ber, M. Trémoliéres, A. Braud, A. Handja and N. Lachiche

Making the most of Hydro through a Cascade Center
O. Vailhen and J. Y. Dampne

An Efficient Tool for Hydraulic Hazard Analysis in Alpine Valleys
M. Pilotti, A. Maranzoni and M. Tomirotti

OpenMI Coupling of MODFLOW and MIKE 11
D. N. Graham, S. Chmakov, A. Sapozhnikov and J. B. Gregersen

Automated Fault Detection for In-Situ Environmental Sensors
D. J. Hill and B. S. Minsker

Urban Runoff Management System Combining a Ubiquitous Floater with GIS
J. Yi, J. Lee, M. M. Kim and J. T. Lee

Modeling Critical Knowledge for Information Governance in Public Wastewater Utilities
S. Gianella and W. Gujer

Comparison of Different Stochastic Models for Urban Water Demand Forecasting in Drought Conditions
C. M. Fontanazza, G. Freni, G. La Loggia and D. Termini

Study for Infiltration in Sewerage System
N. Abd. Rahman

WWW.FLOODSITE.NET: Using the Web for Research Dissemination, Team Building and Project Management
M. Morris, E. Morris, P. Samuels, A. Van Os

Migration of "Dynamic Control" to Java
J. L. Deltour and O. Genthon

OdefiX Java Framework for Developing and Interfacing Hydrological and Water Management Models - Generic Components and Application for Water Resources Allocation
J. C. Pouget, F. Bousquet, P. Le Goulven, D. Quaranta, J. C. Rebatel and D. Rolland

JAMS A Framework for Natural Resource Model Development and Application
S. Kralisch and P. Krause

Dischare Measuring Management System using PDA in South Korea (D2MS using PDA)
K. D. Lee, S. K. Jung, N. I. Kim, S. H. Lee and J. M. Lee

Cauca River Water Quality Model Hydroinformatics Application in a Developing Country
C. A. Velez, A. G. Castaño, C. A. Ramirez and L. M. Baena

Detection of Terrain Features Embedded in a Pre-Processor for Topographic Data
V. Berkhahn and S. Mai

Hydroinformatics Techniques in Eco-Environmental Systems Modelling
Q. W. Chen, J. Q. Mao and A. E. Mynett

A GIS Application for Levees Management Enhancement
I. Moins and P. Maurel

Surrogate Modelling in Marine Modelling: Uncertainty Propagation by Reduced Models
J. V. T. Sørensen, H. Madsen and J. Frydendall

The Use of Kalman Filters in Improving Stratified Flow Forecasts for Engineering Purposes
G. Y. El Serafy, H. Gerritsen, A. E. Mynett and M. Tanaka

Real-Time Data Acquisition and Evacuation Technique on Debris Flow in Mt. Sakurajima, Volcano, Japan
M. Hikida and T. Moriyama

The Automatic Discharge Acquisition & Management System (ADAMS) in Korea
J. Park, B. D. Oh, S. Jeon and J. Kim

Optimisation Techniques

Stochastic Dynamic Programming Model for Optimal Policies of a Multi-Reservoir System
G. Shanthi and V. Jothiprakash

Optimization of Water Distribution Network with NSGA-II/SCE and Neural Network
Md. Atiquzzaman and S. Y. Liong

Multi-Objective Optimisation of Reservoir Operation using Surrogate Modelling
H. Madsen, L. Le Ngo and D. Rosbjerg

deEPANET: A Distributed Hydraulic-Solver Architecture for Accelerating Optimization Applications Working with Conditions of Uncertainty
M. S. Morley, C. Tricarico, Z. Kapelan, D. A. Savic and G. De Marinis

Metaheuristic Algorithms for Multi-Objective Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks
F. Di Pierro, S. T. Khu, D. Savić and L. Berardi

Approaches to Multi-Objective Multi-Tier Optimization in Urban Drainage Planning
W. J. Barreto, Z. Vojinovic, R. K. Price and D. P. Solomatine

Parameter Optimisation in Complex Hydrodynamic and Hydrological Modelling Systems using Distributed Computing
H. Madsen and B. Vinter

Multi-Objective Calibration of Conceptual Rainfall-Runoff Models using NSGA-II
A. Nazemi, X. Yao and A. H. Chan

Reduction of Calibration Time of Distributed Hydrological Models by use of Grid Computing and Nonlinear Optimization Algorithms
D. Theiner and M. Wieczorek

Optimizing Groundwater Remediation Designs under Uncertainty using Dynamic Surrogates and Noisy Genetic Algorithms
S. Q. Yan and B. Minsker

Optimum Design of Cascade Stilling Basins using Genetic Algorithms
R. Bakhtyar, S. J. Mousavi and M. H. Afshar

A Multiparameter Automatic Convergence Algorithm for Flow Simulation
M. H. Nasermoaddeli and E. Pasche

Use of Simulated Annealing Optimization for Sensitivity Analysis in Fluvial Hydraulics
J. B. Faure

Engineering Study

Feasibility Study of an Alternative Disposal Strategy in the Western Scheldt: How to Combine Numerical Modelling with Field Surveys and Physical Modelling
Y. M. G. Plancke, J. J. Peters, S. J. Ides and K. Verelst

Storm Basin Management for a Flooding Event in an Ungauged Catchment
A. A. Romanowicz, M. Vanclooster and M. Rounsevell

Regional and Prospective Analysis of Agricultural Activities and Water Demands: The ZonAgri Modelling Environment Within the OdefiX Generic Java Framework
J. C. Pouget, J. C. Poussin, B. Pettinotti, D. Quaranta and D. Rolland

About Weight to be Given to the Desertification Indicators in Water Policy Decision-Making
F. Frega, M. Carbone and P. Piro

Decision Support and Water Management Systems

Decision Support System for Flood Risk Assessment and Management
E. Bladé, M. G. Valentín, J. Dolz, E. Oñate, J. Piazzese and G.Corestein

Hydroinformatic Methods of Water Ecosystems Assessment and Management under the Stress Conditions
P. A. Khaiter

Decision Support Process for Reservoir Water Quality Management being Short of Data
N. C. Jung, S. Y. Park, S. Jeong and R. K. Price

Adaptive Decision Support System for Stormwater Runoff Management
T. Metelka, S. Vanecek, A. Zoulek and J. C. Deutsch

A Spatial Decision Support System to Improve Levee Management
D. Serre, L. Peyras, P. Maurel and Y. Diab

Decision Support System for Watershed Water Quality Management in a Suburban Agricultural Area
T. Kato, Y. J. M. Purwanto and B. I. Setiawan

Reframe: Computational Support for the Decision Making Process
H. Harvey and J. Hall

Modelling of Nitrogen and Phosphorous Loss from Watershed with Different Landuse
Y. F. Huang, Q. W. Chen and L. P. Zhang

Planning and Operational Model for Strategic Management of Reservoir Water Quality
N. C. Jung, S. A. Jeong, R. K. Price and I. Popescu

Decision Support System for the Geum River Basin Water Management in Korea
I. H. Ko, M. H. Hwang, W. C. Jeong and N. I. Kim

Building of a Decision Support Tool for River Accidental Pollution Management
F. Gogien, G. Manic, E. Soyeux and P. Bonnet

Water Resources Allocation DSS in the Water Supply Area of the South-to-North Water Diversion East Route Project in China
H. Gan, Y. W. Jia, J. J. You, C. W. Niu, C. M. Han, Y. Z. Jiang, Z. G. Gan, H. L. Zhao, R. X. Zhu, J. W. Yao, B. J. Wu, Y. Li and H. Shen

Sediment-Carrying Water Volume of the Arenaceous River
J. Yan, D. P. Sun, C. H. Hu and N. Q. Jiang

Development of a Groundwater Dam Operating Strategy using a Precipitation-Based Index
J. Park, S. Shin, Y. Choi, J. S. Yang, D. G. Kim, G. C. Jeong, S. A. Booh and C. K. Park

Hydroplan-EU Knowledge Management Framework for Urban Water Asset Management
F. Van Herzeele, I. Boonen, J. Van Assel, G. De Gueldre, C. Thoeye and Z. Vojinovic

Hydroplan-EU: An Innovative Approach in Asset Management. The Application in Imperia (Italy)
A. Gallea and A. Vaccari

Features of Advanced Decision Support Systems for Environmental Studies, Management, and Regulation
E. Roehl, R. C. Daamen and P. A. Conrads

Decision Support System "Hydromanager" for Water Policy Decision-Making
A. Tskhay and D. Zhevnov

A Fuzzy Logic Multi Criteria Assessment in Urban Water Management Decision Support
K. Natsis, C. Makropoulos, S. Liu, D. Butler and F. Memon

A Mathematical Model to Implement Electre 1S for Coordinated Multi-Reservoir Operation
J. Kim, Y. Lee and S. K. Kim

A Multi-Criteria Decision Support Tool for Prioritising Environmental Actions in Data Scarce Areas
C. Makropoulos, K. Legesi and C. Maksimovic

Aims and Functions of the NOFDP IDSS
C. Hübner and A. Winterscheid

Reliability Assessment using the DAC Method
S. Tsitsifli, V. Kanakoudis and Y. Bakouros

An Artificial Neural Network-Based Decision Support System to Evaluate Hydropower Releases on Salinity Intrusion
P. A. Conrads and E. A. Roehl Jr

Optimizing Combined Sewer Overflow Remediation through Innovative Cost-Benefit Analysis
M. Hulley, G. Zukovs, P. Gray and M. Umberg

Water Management Impact Assessment using a Bayesian Network Model
S. Lanini

Cost Effective Applications of Artificial Neural Network for Pressure Management and New Leak Detection
M. S. Islam, M. S. Babel and S.Y. Liong

An ANN Expert System for Ice Condition Forecast of Yellow River Inner Mongolia Reach
K. L. Yang, T. Wang, Y. X. Guo, S. Q. Huo, S. Q. Rao and H. X. Wu

Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Application for Multireservoir System in the Han River Basin
T. Kim and J. H. Heo

Graph Algorithms for Connectivity Analysis of Water Distribution Network Sectorization
V. Tzatchkov

Automatic Water Supply Management using Dynamic-Inversion
M. Prasanna Kumar, R. Padhi and M.S. Mohan Kumar

Modelling Sewer Performance Indicators
L. Berardi, Z. Kapelan, D. Savic and O. Giustolisi

NGMS: A National Modelling Infrastructure for the Environment Agency's Water Resources Group
P. J. A. Gijsbers, M. Whiteman, R. Farrell and J. Godfree

Development of an Integrated Flood Runoff Analysis System for Poorly-Gauged Basins
K. Fukami, N. Fujiwara, M. Ishikawa, M. Kitano, T. Kitamura, T. Shimizu, S. Hironaka, S. Nakamura, T. Goto, M. Nagai and S. Tomita

Hydroinformatics: A Possible Link between Risk Mitigation and Sustainable Development behind a Dike
D. Goutx, R. Tourment and J. Savatier

Optimization of Meteoric Water and Sewage Collecting System in the Centre of Genoa
M. Bochicchio, P. Latona and C. Masciulli

Water Quality Surveillance and Early Warning in Surface Waters - Integration of Mathematical Models and On-Line Monitoring
M. N. Madsen, J. N. Hartnack, C. Skotner and A. Berg

Decision Support for Short Term Rehabilitation Planning of Water Distribution Networks
T. Kucera and L. Tuhovcak

Optimum Steady State Pumping Policy in Coastal Aquifers, Genetic Algorithm Approach
S. A. Zahraei, O. B. Haddad, S. Alimohammadi and A. Afshar

Integrated Watershed Management to Secure Instream Flow of Urban Stream, Korea
E. S. Chung, K. S. Lee, J. C. Yoo and K. S. Kong

A Numerical-Constraint Based Approach for Flood Mitigation in Dike Ring Areas
M. Zagonjolli, H. Goossens, A. E. Mynett

Hydroinformatics Based Decision-Making Integrating Modelling, Sampling and Profiling: The Ria Formosa Case
F. Martins, J. Janeiro, A. Venâncio, S. Gabriel, J. Lopes, R. Neves, J. Freire and A. Martins

Establishment of a Water Quality Data Management and Application System for Monitoring Decision Support in Lakes
S. Kitpati, S. Fujii and S. Tanaka

A GIS-Based Early Warning System for Source Water Quality Safety of ESNWD Project in China
S. Y. Zeng, T. Z. Zhang, J. N. Chen and S. Xu

A Modeling-GIS Integrated Tool to Support Mitigation of Reservoir Sedimentation and Assessment of Sediment Release
A. Maffio, O. Brasi, A. Elli and D. Gatti

Uncertainty Management and Risk Analysis

The Integration of Risk Analysis in Real Time Flood Control
S. V. Weijs, P. E. R. M. Van Leeuwen and P. J. Van Overloop

Impact Assessment of Outfall Discharges by Monte Carlo Method
K. W. Choi and J. H. W. Lee

Quantization Error of Weather Radar with Synthetic Rainfall
M. Hammond, D. W. Han and I. Cluckie

Uncertainty Analysis of a Stage Discharge Relationship: A Fuzzy Regression Approach
R. R. Shrestha and A. Bárdossy

Risk Analysis of Potential Failure of Embankment Dams based on Fuzzy Inference
M. Maradjieva and M. Mavrova-Guirguinova

Failure Analysis of a High Earthfill Dam: Scenario Development using Numerical Simulation and GIS
M. Zagonjolli and A. E. Mynett

A Hierarchical Bayesian Model for the Maintenance of Water Pipe Networks
T. Watson and A. Mason

Solution of Uncertainty in Risk Analysis of Water Supply Systems
L. Tuhovcak and J. Rucka

Mean-Variance Model for Reservoir Operations
I. Ahmed and K. E. Lansey

Subjective and Objective MCDM Methods for the Optimal Design of Water Distribution Systems using Genetic Algorithms
L. S. Vamvakeridou-Lyroudia, D. A. Savic and G. A. Walters

Minimization of Constraint Violation in Fuzzy Multiobjective Programming
S. Ghosh and P. P. Mujumdar

Calculation of Expected Annual Damage Considering of Discharge-Probabilities Function
W. Nam and J. H. Heo

Probablistic Assessment of the Sustainability of Restored Watersheds
A. Elshorbagy and L. Barbour

Field Survey on Aquatic Environment and "Ayu" Habitat in Urban River
M. Higashino, T. Takami, K. Onitsuka, J. Akiyama, T. Nagaya, Y. Shiraishi and N. Ohtsuka

SedFlex - Integrated Ecological and Economic Risk Analysis for Remediation of Contaminated Sediments in Norway
D. N. Barton, T. Saloranta, K. Naes, I. Cousins and J. Armitage

International Graduate Programmes Experiences

EuroAquae: A New Paradigm for Hydroinformatics Joint Master of Science
P. Gourbesville, K. P. Holz, J. Jozsa, M. Gomez and V. Kutija

Erasmus Mundus Framework: Perspective of Euro-Aquae Students
J. M. Crozet, Md. Atiquzzaman, K. Yamagata, B. Angamuthu, O. K. Mahabadi, A. Bozhko, G. Corestein, A. Kerroux, R. Herman, M. Terminet, L. Pouget, N. Ratnikova, L. Laureau, G. Tamagnan, D. Quatrelivre and R. Concha

HydroEurope Intensive Programme: Collaborative Engineering and Hydroinformatics
P. Gourbesville

Hydro-Europe: Experience of Euro Aquae Students
J. M. Crozet, Md. Atiquzzaman, K. Yamagata, B. Angamuthu, O. K. Mahabadi, A. Bozhko, G. Corestein, A. Kerroux, R. Herman, M. Terminet, N. Ratnikova, L. Pouget, L. Laureau, G. Tamagnan, D. Quatrelivre and R. Concha

Hands on Teaching for Real-Time Control of Open-Channels
X. Litrico, P. O. Malaterre, G. Harran and J. F. Alquier

Fifteen Years of Experience in Hydroinformatics at UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education
R. K. Price, I. Popescu, A. Jonoski and D. Solomatine

Towards a Global Partnership for Hydroinformatics Education and Research: The Development of the Joint International Masters in Hydroinformatics
A. Jonoski and Y. Q. Guan

Continuous Professional Education and Long Life Learning Experiences

Kalypso Inform A Web-Based Dissemination Strategy for Integrated Flood Management
E. Pasche, D. Kraus and N. Manojlović

Uncertainty Analysis in Engineering Education: Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice
A. Elshorbagy

Developing New Curricula for Life Long Learning in Water-Environment in Russia
A. M. Zeiliguer, P. Bazile, V. V. Shabanov and V. V. Ilinitch

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