Technical Programme

Session: A01Aeronautics and Aerospace Industry


Bayesian Framework for Bioburden Density Calculations to Perform Planetary Protection Probabilistic Risk Assessment
Andrei Gribok, J. Nick Benardini and Arman Seuylemezian


Estimating Runway Friction Using Flight Data
Alise Midtfjord and Arne Bang Huseby


Reliability Evaluation of an Experimental Set-Up Using Limited Flight Test Data
Lidia Travascio, Gianpiero Buzzo, Mario Solazzo and Angela Vozella


Influence of Tire Pressure on Airfield Pavement's Roughness Test Result in the Scope of Air Operations' Safety
Mariusz Wesołowski, Paweł Iwanowski and Paweł Pietruszewski


Analysis on the Insulation Failure of the Electrical Connector under Low Pressure Environment
Mei Le, Yuanyuan Li and Xiaogang Li


Loss of (human) Control in Complex Socio-Technical Systems: A Conceptual Framework for Managing Decision Authority for Improved Safety
Tor Erik Evjemo


Applications of the Measures of Betweenness Centrality for Airlines Scheduling for Robustness
Andrzej Słodownik, Mirosław Kowalski, Józef ŻZurek and Mariusz Zieja