Technical Programme

Session: A01Aeronautics and Aerospace Industry
Session: A03Automotive Industry
Session: A04Autonomous Transportation
Session: A06Chemical and Process Industry
Session: A07Civil Engineering
Session: A08Critical Infrastructures
Session: A09Cyber-Physical Systems
Session: A10Data Centers
Session: A11Electric Power Industry
Session: A12Electronics
Session: A13Energy Industry
Session: A15Health and Medicine
Session: A16Health Service Industry
Session: A17Information Technology and Telecommunications
Session: A18Insurance
Session: A19Land Transportation
Session: A20Land Use Planning
Session: A21Manufacturing
Session: A22Maritime and Offshore Technology
Session: A23Materials
Session: A24Nuclear Industry
Session: A25Oil and Gas Industry
Session: A26Railway Industry
Session: A27Renewable Energy Industry
Session: A29Socio-Technical-Economic Systems
Session: A30Supply Chains
Session: A31Water Transportation systems
Session: C01Prognostic and Health Management in Evolving Environments
Session: C02The NASA Langley UQ Challenge on Optimization under Uncertainty
Session: S01Reliability of Passive Systems in Nuclear Power Plants - Perspectives and Challenges
Session: S02Life Cycle-Based Resilience Assessment and Management of Structural and Infrastructural Assets
Session: S03Multi-Unit Nuclear Plant PSA
Session: S04Artificial Intelligence for Maintenance Decision Support
Session: S05Text Mining applied to Risk Analysis, Maintenance and Safety
Session: S06Bayesian Network Modelling for Risk Assessment in the Oil and Gas Industry
Session: S07Fault-Tolerant and Attack-Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
Session: S08Advanced Diagnosis and Prognosis in Bio-medical Engineering
Session: S09NLP, knowledge graphs and ontologies
Session: S11Human Performance in Resilience, Risk and Safety Assessments
Session: S12Reinforcement Learning for Industry 4.0
Session: T01Accelerated Degradation and Life Test
Session: T02Accident and Incident Modeling
Session: T03Artificial Intelligence for Reliability, Maintenance and Safety
Session: T04Augmented Reality for Safety
Session: T05Big Data and IoT Applications in Reliability and Maintenance
Session: T06Computational Reliability/Risk Assessment
Session: T07Consequence Modeling and Management
Session: T08Crisis Management
Session: T09Cyber Security
Session: T10Dependability
Session: T11Dependence and Common Cause Failures Modeling and Analysis
Session: T12Disaster Management
Session: T13Dynamic Reliability / Risk Assessment
Session: T14Economic Analysis in Risk Management
Session: T15Environmental Risk Analysis
Session: T16External Hazards Risk Assessment
Session: T17Foundational Issues in Risk Assessment and Management
Session: T18Geological Risk Assessment
Session: T19Human Factors and Human Reliability
Session: T20Industrial Safety
Session: T21Industry 4.0 Reliability and Safety
Session: T24Machine Learning for Reliability, Maintenance and Safety
Session: T25Maintenance Modelling and Applications
Session: T26Mathematical Models and Methods for Reliability and Safety
Session: T27Medical Risk
Session: T28Natural Hazards Risk Assessment
Session: T29Occupational Safety
Session: T30Optimization of Reliability Maintenance and Safety
Session: T31Organizational Factors
Session: T33Predictive Maintenance
Session: T34Prognostics and System Health Management
Session: T35Quality
Session: T36Resilience Analysis, Assessment and Management
Session: T37Risk Acceptance Criteria
Session: T38Risk Analysis and Safety in Standardization
Session: T39Risk Assessment
Session: T40Risk Governance and Societal Safety
Session: T41Risk Informed Applications
Session: T42Risk Management
Session: T43Risk Perception and Communication
Session: T44Risk Prevention
Session: T45Risk-based Decision Making
Session: T46Safety Culture
Session: T47Security
Session: T48Site Level Multi-Unit Multi-Source Risk Assessment
Session: T49Smart Devices and Systems Reliability
Session: T50Software Reliability and Safety
Session: T51Structural Health Management
Session: T52Structural Reliability
Session: T53System Reliability
Session: T54Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis
Session: T55Virtual Reality for Safety
Session: T57Multi-Unit Nuclear Plant PSA