Technical Programme

Session: A04Autonomous Transportation


Using the Operational Envelope to Make Autonomous Ships Safer
K. E. Fjørtoft and Ø. J. Rødseth


A Qualitative Modeling for Reliability and Safety Assessment of Fully Autonomous Vehicle based on System-Theoretic Process Analysis
Diana Filipa Araújo, Yan-Fu Li and Hendrik Frölian


Reliability methods and procedures for error and failure management and system reconfiguration in safety critical autonomous driving applications
Fabian Plinke, Johannes Heinrich, Timo Frederik Horeis, Julian-Steffen Mueller and Hendrik Decke


Safety Assessment of Scenarios for the Simulation-Based Validation Process of AV with Regards to Its Functional Insufficiencies
Tchoya Florence Koné, Eric Levrat, Eric Bonjour, Frédérique Mayer and Stéphane Géronimi


Dynamic Safety Analysis for Automated Driving
Basma Khelfa and Antoine Tordeux


Formal System and Safety Design of a System of Systems: A Proof of Concepts
Ismet Addoui, Michel Batteux, Anouk Dubois and Romain Kerneis


Autonomous Driving: A Survey with Focus on Reliability and Risk Issues
Wolfgang Kröger


Risk Analysis of Autonomous Ships
Thomas Johansen and Ingrid B. Utne


True Detection Rate and False Positives Targets on Road Side Detectors for autonomous Vehicle Traffic
Pierre Dersin and Erio Piana


System Theoretic Process Analysis for a Vehicle SAE Level four
Greta Koelln, Michael Klicker, Tobias Schmid, and Stephan Schmidt