Technical Programme

Session: A08Critical Infrastructures


Rigidity and Flexibility – using Experiences 3D Printing for Training in Construction Industry
Gunnar M. Lamvik and Ivonne A. Herrera


Comparison of the Post-Disaster Recovery of Water Supply System by GA Optimization and Heuristics
Kento Wakayama, Taro Kanno, Yuji Kawase, Hiroyuki Takahashi and Kazuo Furuta


Risk and Resilience Assessment and Improvement in the Telecommunication Industry
Mirjam Fehling-Kaschek, Natalie Miller, Gael Haab, Katja Faist, Alexander Stolz, Ivo Häring, Alberto Neri, Giuseppe Celozzi, Jose Sanchez, Javier Valera and Rodoula Makri


Tabletop Exercise as a Tool to Foster Resilience in the Energy Sector: Lessons Learned in the Baltic States
Vytis Kopustinskas, Bogdan Vamanu, Marcelo Masera, Rimantas Sikas, Julia Vainio, Romualdas Petkevicius and Lawrence Walzer


Towards Understanding Critical Flows -- A Literature Review
Josefin Lindström and Jonas Johansson


Remote and Agile Improvement of Industrial Control and Safety Systems Processes
Thor Myklebust, Mary Ann Lundteigen, Lars Bodsberg and Geir K. Hanssen


Quantifying the Interdependency Strength Across Critical Infrastructure Systems Using a Dynamic Network Flow Redistribution Model
Yu Wang, Jin-Zhu Yu and Hiba Baroud


Estimating the Impact of Earthquake-Induced Power Outages on Different Economic Sectors in Chile
Elisa Ferrario, Mauricio Monsalve, Alan Poulos, Juan Carlos de la Llera and Giovanni Sansavini


Evaluating Network Reduction Strategies for Consistent Risk Assessment of Critical Infrastructures
Mauricio Monsalve, Elisa Ferrario, Yolanda Alberto, Felipe Arróspide, Sebastián Castro, Alan Poulos and Juan Carlos de la Llera


Analysing the Reliability of Electronic Systems Used in Critical Infrastructure and Exposed to the Impact of Strong Electromagnetic Pulses
Jacek Paś, Adam Rosiński, Marek Szulim and Jarosław Łukasiak


A Method for Inferring Casual Dependencies Among Abnormal Behaviours of Components in Complex Technical Infrastructures
Federico Antonello, Piero Baraldi, Ahmed Shokry, Enrico Zio, Ugo Gentile and Luigi Serio


Adapting Public Transport to COVID-19 Contingencies: Evaluating Unlock Policies in The Metropolitan Area of Milan Through DMCI Simulation
Paolo Trucco, Pietro Maggia and Boris Petrenj


Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm for the Identification of Rare Functional Dependencies in Complex Technical Infrastructures
Federico Antonello, Piero Baraldi, Enrico Zio and Luigi Serio