Technical Programme

Session: A24Nuclear Industry


Role and Practice of PSA in Practical Elimination Demonstration of Advanced PWR Plant
Wenkui Lu, Jinlong Sun and Xinli Yu


Application of Bayesian Statistics to Probabilistic Safety Assessment of Thai Research Reactor-1/ Modification 1
Wasin Vechgama, Kampanart Silva, Anantachai Pechrak and Saensuk Wetchagarun


Age Differences in Multi-Unit Nuclear Power Plants: Cross-Unit Influences for Plants at Different Points in Their Lifeciycle
Dagmar Baumann and Lena Gaukel


Safety Evaluation of a Package for Radioactive Waste by Full-Scale Drop Testing
Thomas Quercetti, Frank Wille, Martin Neumann and Konrad Linnemann


Level 2 PSA for the Spent Fuel Pool of the Paks NPP
Tamas Siklossy, Attila Bareith, David Hollo and Gabor Lajtha


Methods for Modeling Shutdown States in a Full-Scope Probabilistic Risk Assessment for a Nuclear Power Plant
Jeffery Wood


Status of the ETHZ Curated Nuclear Events Database
Ali Ayoub, Andrej Stankovski, Wolfgang Kröger and Didier Sornette


Extension of Evaluation Time in Event Sequences Analysis for a SMR Case of Study
Mora García Espiño, Mariela Grinberg, Cecilia Garay, Pablo Zanocco and Marcelo Giménez


The Korean Soarca Study: Insights on the Level 2 Accident Progression and Source Term Analysis
Kwang-Il Ahn and Seok-Won Hwang


A Maintenance Time Prediction Method Based on Modular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standard and Maintenance Interfaces
Chao Dai, Dong Zhou, Yu Fan, Huan Zhang and Dianxin Zhao


Analysis of LBLOCA Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants using Classification and Regression Techniques
J.F. Villanueva, A.I. Sánchez, S. Martorell and S. Carlos


Full Scope PSA for the High Flux Reactor in Petten
Cor Molenaar and Hans Brinkman


Risk Analysis for the Extended Pre-Defueled Phase of BWR-4 in the Decommissioning Process
Tai-Hung Wu, Po-Jung Chiu and Chung-Kung Lo


Functional Safety Assessment of A Liquid Metal Divertor for the European Demo Tokamak
Giuseppe Francesco Nallo, Nicola Pedroni, Anna Chiara Uggenti, Andrea Carpignano and Roberto Zanino


The Process of Living Probabilistic Safety Assessment for NPP Paks
Attila Bareith, David Hollo, Zoltan Karsa, Jeno Nigicser, Peter Siklossy, Tamas Siklossy and Peter Ruckert


A Method to Estimate the Release Frequency of Source Term in a Multi-Unit Nuclear Power Plant
Ching-Han Chen and Chung-Kung Lo


Development of a Diagnostic Algorithm for Abnormal Situations Using LSTM and VAE
Hyojin Kim, Jaemin Yang and Jonghyun Kim


Causes of Disasters with Presence of Radioactive Substances
Dana Prochazkova, Jan Prochazka and Vaclav Dostal


The Risk-Informed Systems Analysis Pathway Activities
Curtis Smith, Hongbin Zhang and Yong-Joon Choi