Technical Programme

Session: A26Railway Industry


Towards a Model-Based Safety Assessment of Railway Operation Using GNSS Localization
Ouail Himrane, Julie Beugin and Mohamed Ghazel


Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Dynamic in Weighing Motion System of Freight Rail Carriages Under Varying Ballast Conditions
Francesco Cannarile, Michele Compare, Enrico Zio, Elisa Duca, Ilario Febi, Marco Renzetti and Massimo Platini


Allocating Imprecise Safety Targets in Satellite-Based Localization Systems used in Railway Signaling Operations
Insaf Sassi, Julie Beugin, Mohamed Sallak and Nourdine Ait Tmazirte


What is the Point: Formal Analysis and Test Generation for a Railway Standard
Mark Bouwman, Djurre van der Wal, Bas Luttik, Mariëlle Stoelinga and Arend Rensink


General Framework to Model the Maintenance Requirements of Critical Systems in a Railway Company
Tomás Grubessich, Raúl Stegmaier, Pablo Viveros, Oscar Aranda, Luis Jara and Fredy Kristjanpoller


Maintenance Knowledge Recovery for a Maintenance Demand & Costs Estimation
Oscar Aranda, Tomás Grubessich, Pablo Viveros, Fredy Kristjanpoller and Raul Stegmaier


Application of First- and Second-Order Derivatives of Track Irregularity to Plan Local Maintenance Activities
Hamid Khajehei, Iman Soleimanmeigouni, Alireza Ahmadi, Arne Nissen and Mohammad Haddadzade


Track Geometry Measurements Alignment: A Comparative Study of Three Relative Position-Based Methods
Mahdi Khosravi, Iman Soleimanmeigouni, Alireza Ahmadi, Arne Nissen, Mohammad Haddadzade and Hamid Khajehei


Risk Assessment of Assets Based on FMMA and Enhanced FMEA: A use Case Applied on Railway Infrastructure
Johannes Pan, Clemens Gutschi, Nikolaus Furian Siegfried Vössner, Roman Heissenberger and Robert Matt