Technical Programme

Session: S07Fault-Tolerant and Attack-Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)


Fault Diagnosis in Smart Grids Using a Deep Long Short-Term Memory-based Feature Learning Architecture
Hossein Hassani, Roozbeh Razavi-Far and Mehrdad Saif


Allocation of Defense Resources Against Cyber Attacks to Cyber-Physical Systems
Wei Wang, Francesco Di Maio and Enrico Zio


Model-Based Fault Injection Experiments for The Safety Analysis of Exoskeleton System
Tagir Fabarisov, Ilshat Mamaev, Andrey Morozov and Klaus Janschek


Enhancing Detection Accuracy of Cyber Attacks Through Dimensionality Reduction
Ehsan Hallaji, Roozbeh Razavi-Far and Mehrdad Saif


Anomaly and Attack Detection in Supervisory Control Networks for Cyber-Physical Systems
Ernesto Del Prete, Fabio Pera, Luca Faramondi, Camilla Fioravanti, Simone Guarino, Gabriele Oliva and Roberto Setola


Is Smartness Risky? A Framework to Evaluate Smartness in Cyber-Physical Systems
Christos Chronopoulos and Nelson Humberto Carreras Guzman