Technical Programme

Session: S08Advanced Diagnosis and Prognosis in Bio-medical Engineering


Bayesian Filter Observers based Estimation of Glucose and Insulin Concentration in Plasma
Weijie Wang, Shaoping Wang, Xingjian Wang and Yixuan Geng


Transfer Learning From Grid-Structured Data to Graphstructured Data: Application to Diagnosis of Depression
Jiawei Yang, Shaoping Wang, Xingjian Wang, Rui Liu, Yun Wang, Jian Cui, Yuan Zhou, Jingjing Zhou, Yuan Feng, Lei Feng and Gang Wang


IMU-Based Online Load Spectrum Estimation for Human Knee-Joint
Zhangtao Wang, Xingjian Wang and Shaoping Wang


Blood Coagulation Monitoring and Thrombus Formulation Assessment based on Bioimpedance Spectroscopy
Xuesong Luo, Shaoping Wang and Jian Shi


Video-based Automatic Early Parkinson's Disease Detection System using Biomechanical Features
Changhong Lin and Shaoping Wang