Technical Programme

Session: S12Reinforcement Learning for Industry 4.0


Optimal Part Flow In Maintenance Service Contracts Of Gas Turbines
Luca Bellani, Michele Compare, Enrico Zio, Marzia Sepe, Francesco Annunziata and Fausto Carlevaro


Circuit Breaker Data Analysis Using Copula Correlation
Michy Alice, Loredana Cristaldi and Enrico Ragaini


Agent-Based Modeling and Reinforcement Learning for Optimizing Energy Systems Operation and Maintenance: The Pathmind Solution
Luca Pinciroli, Piero Baraldi, Michele Compare, Sahar Esmaeilzadeh, Mohammed Farhan, Brett Göhre, Roberto Grugni, Luigi Manca and Enrico Zio


Autonomous Algorithm for Bubble Creation Operation in Pressurizer by Deep Reinforcement Learning
Daeil Lee and Jonghyun Kim


Development of Two-level Autonomous System for Startup and Shutdown Operation of Nuclear Power Plants
Jae Min Kim and Seung Jun Lee