Technical Programme

Session: T01Accelerated Degradation and Life Test


Evaluation of Optimality Criteria for Efficient Reliability Demonstration Testing
Thomas Herzig, Martin Dazer, Alexander Grundler and Bernd Bertsche


Reliability Prediction using Design of Experiments
Alexander Kremer, Levente Dücsö and Bernd Bertsche


Bias Corrected Weibull Parameter Estimation and Impact on Confidence Bounds
Tamer Tevetoglu and Bernd Bertsche


Evaluation of Electronic Components Degradation Using the Accelerated Reliability Testing Data
Zdenek Vintr, Xuan Phong Cu and Cao Vu Tran


Research on Accelerated Degradation Test of Aero-generator Based on Text Mining
Yao Jinyong and Wei Shuochen


An Approach to Predict the Lifetime of Shape Memory Actuators based on Accelerated Testing Measurements
Philipp Heß and Stefan Bracke


Reliability Estimation by Usage Rate Method Varying the Quantity of Warranty Data Censored
Eugenio Zappa Neto, Gilberto Fransciso Martha de Souza and Messias Borges Silva


An Accelerated Life Test and Reliability Evaluation Method on Ultrasonic Motors Under Increased Torque Load
Shouqing Huang, Jiacheng Guo, Tengfei Ma, Shouwen Liu and Yun Jia


Research on Identification Method of Bearing Performance Degradation in NPP Based on GG Clustering
Zhang Jiyu, Xia Hong and Wang Zhichao


Research on Burn-in Technology of SiP
TianRui Zhu, Lei Chen and YiFei Han