Technical Programme

Session: T03Artificial Intelligence for Reliability, Maintenance and Safety


Adaptive Support Vector Machine Combined with Fuzzy Simulation for Failure Possibility Analysis
Chunyan Ling and Zhenzhou Lu


A Procedure for Modelling and Verification of Safety Objectives and Functions
Jing Wu, Mengchu Song, Xinxin Zhang and Morten Lind


Long Short-Term Memory Network for Future-State Prediction in Water Injection Pump
Joaquín Figueroa Barraza, Luis Felipe Guarda Bräuning, Enrique López Droguett and Marcelo Ramos Martins


Generation of a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis with Smartiflow
Christian Müller, Rüdiger Lunde and Philipp Hönig


Towards a Framework for Risk Monitoring of Complex Engineering Systems with Online Operation Data: A Deep Learning Based Solution
Ramin Moradi, Andrés Ruiz-Tagle Palazuelos, Enrique López Droguett and Katrina M. Groth


A Procedure Performing System Using Deep Learning Algorithm for Nuclear Power Plant
Jeeyea Ahn and Seung Jun Lee


A Study on the Influence of Signal Number on Performance of AAKR
Wei Li, Zhenfeng Qi, Juan Chen, Yidan Yuan and Shuhong Du


A System-Level Prognostics and Health Management Framework Based on Graph Convolutional Neural Networks
Andrés Ruiz-Tagle Palazuelos, Enrique López Droguett and Katrina M. Groth


A Reliable Data-Driven Method for Condition Monitoring in Nuclear Power Plants
Zhenfeng Qi, Wei Li, Juan Chen, Yidan Yuan and Shuhong Du


Fault Detection in the Manufacturing Process of Printed Circuit Boards Using Computer Vision
Christoph Rosebrock, Lars Grams and Stefan Bracke


Bayesian Network for Failure Prediction in Different Seasons
Reza Khoshkangini, Slawomir Nowaczyk and Sepideh Pashami


Application of Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks for Co 2Concentration Forecast on Amine Plants
Luis Felipe Guarda Brauning, Carlos Henrique Bittencourt Morais, Joaquin Eduardo Figueroa Barraza, Marcelo Ramos Martins and Enrique Lopez Droguett


Application of Computer Vision in the Analysis and Prediction of Fine Grinded Surfaces
Marcin Hinz, Lea Hannah Guenther and Stefan Bracke


Offshore Workover Operations: Reducing Uncertainty of Critical Weather Scenarios by Optimal Use of Simulations and Probabilistic Machine Learning
Simen Eldevik and Stian Sætre


Research on Modeling and Simulation Technology of Aviation Equipment Support System of System Based on Multi-Agent
Ding Gang, Cui Li-Jie, Zhang Liang, Zhang Ya and Wang Jian-Hao


A Methodology for the Identification of the Critical Components of the Electrical Distribution Network of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider
Ahmed Shokry, Piero Baraldi, Andrea Castellano, Ugo Gentile, Luigi Serio and Enrico Zio


Extending Fault Trees with Continuous System Variables
Ayşe Karacaörenli and Luigi Portinale


Extreme Gradient Boosting Algorithms for Analyzing Reliability Factors of Natural Gas Transmission Assets
Amel Belounnas and Florent Brissaud


Bayesian Network Model for Accessing Safety and Security of Offshore Wind Farms
Oscar Hernán Ramírez-Agudelo, Corinna Köpke and Frank Sill Torres


Fault Detection Based on Optimal Transport Theory
Bingsen Wang, Piero Baraldi, Xuefei Lu and Enrico Zio


A Coevolutionary Optimization Approach with Deep Sparse Autoencoder for the Extraction of Equipment Degradation Indicators
Ali Eftekhari Milani, Federico Antonello, Piero Baraldi and Enrico Zio