Technical Programme

Session: T04Augmented Reality for Safety


An Object Tracking Method to Track Maintenance Objects by Object Detection Based on Deep Learning in Induced Maintenance Environment
ChuanSheng Liang and Chuan Lv


An Augmented and Interactive Aid for Occupational Safety
Andrea Tarallo, Francesco Carbone, Giuseppe Di Gironimo, Domenico Coccorese, Valerio Minopoli, Antonio Lanzotti, Domenico Marzullo and Raffaele d'Angelo


Inail Procedure for Augmented Reality Remote Survey
G. Augugliaro R. Balistreri, F. Giacobbe and E. Pichini


Risk Assessment in the Adoption of Augmented Reality in Production Processes
Gabriele Baldissone, Micaela Demichela and Lorenzo Comberti