Technical Programme

Session: T06Computational Reliability/Risk Assessment


Towards a Design Framework for Maritime Asset Servitization
Markus Heimdal, Knut Erik Knutsen and Jose Ignacio Aizpurua


Optimization of Deterministic Submodel to Reduce Large Sample Size Runs
Cédric Sallaberry and Robert Kurth


A Method for the Risk Analysis of Energy Supply in Integrated Energy Systems
Huai Su, Enrico Zio and Jinjun Zhang


Enhancing Realism in Fire Probabilistic Risk Assessment of Nuclear Power Plants
Tatsuya Sakurahara, Ha Bui, Seyed Reihani, Ernie Kee and Zahra Mohaghegh


A Modeling Framework for Wind-Integrated Power Systems Operations Accounting for Uncertainty and Flexibility Assessment
Rodrigo Mena, Matías Godoy and Pablo Viveros


Continued Discussion of Failure Mode Modeling and Overall Component Reliability: Are the Data Missing or Censored?
Todd Paulos, Andrew Ho and Curtis Smith


Model Cartography Diving in Complex PSA Models
M. Hibti, T. Friedlhuber and T. Abdellatif


Automatic Translation from Dynamic Models to Boolean Representation Suitable for I&AB Quantification
Marc Bouissou