Technical Programme

Session: T09Cyber Security


Cybersecurity of Safety Instrumented Systems in the Context of Digitalization: Some Issues and Challenges within Oil and Gas Production Assets
Pengyu Zhu and Jayantha Prasanna Liyanage


Certification Cycles of Train Cyber Gateway
Jan Prochazka, Petr Novobilsky, Dana Prochazkova and Tomas Kertis


Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment of A Critical Infrastructure Organisation – Approach and Obsvervations
Vikash Katta, John Eidar Simensen, Kine Reegård, Siv Hilde Houmb and Erlend Agøy Engum


Clarification of the Cybersecurity and Functional Safety Interrelationship in Industrial Control Systems: Barrier Concepts and Essential Functions
Bálint Z. Téglásy, Bjørn Axel Gran, Sokratis Katsikas, Vasileios Gkioulos and Mary Ann Lundteigen


Assessing Dependability of Web Services Under Moving Target Defense Techniques
Salvatore Distefano, Marco Scarpa, Xiaolin Chang and Andrea Bobbio


Experiences from Implementing and Testing an Approach for Cybersecurity Event Detection in a Critical Aviation System
Erlend Agøy Engum and John Eidar Simensen


Optimal Attack Assignment on Remote State Estimation in Multi Nonlinear Systems: Structural and Asymptotic Policy
Amirreza Zaman, Jafar Zarei, Roozbeh Razavi-Far and Mehrdad Saif


Development and Application of Psa-Based Vital Digital Assets Identification Method
Meejeong Hwang


Twin Based Continuous ICT Risk Management
Fabrizio Baiardi and Federico Tonelli


Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment for Cyber Security Risk Analysis of the Electric Grid
Yunfei Zhao, Nihanth Adina, Katya Blanc, Craig Rieger, Brian K. Johnson, Hangtian Lei, Timothy McJunkin, Pavan Kumar Vaddi, Thomas Ulrich, Ruixuan Li and Carol Smidts


EIDS: Embedded Intrusion Detection System using Machine Learning to Detect Attack over the CAN-BUS
Marco Lombardi, Francesco Pascale and Domenico Santaniello


Addressing Cybersecurity in Energy Islands
Per-Arne Jørgensen, John Eidar Simensen, Coralie Esnoul, Xueli Gao, Silje Arendt Olsen and Bjørn Axel Gran


Cyber Security Evaluation for Nuclear I&C Systems following Software Life Cycle
Jiye Jeong and Gyunyoung Heo