Technical Programme

Session: T13Dynamic Reliability / Risk Assessment


Comprehensive Safety Modeling Technology for Space Man-Machine System based on Dynamic Probabilistic Safety Analysis
Lu Chen, Xiaopeng Li, Fuqiu Li and Jing Yang


Coping Time Analysis for Chromium coated Zircaloy for Station Blackout Scenario based on Dynamic Risk Assessment
Asad Ullah Amin Shah, Robby Christian, Junyung Kim and Hyun Gook Kang


Simulation-Based Level 2 Multi-Unit PRA Using RAVEN and a Simplified Thermal-Hydraulic Code
Xiaoyu Zheng, Diego Mandelli, Andrea Alfonsi, Curtis Smith and Tomoyuki Sugiyama


Dynamic Reliability and Reliability-Based Sensitivity Model with Stochastic Load
Di Zhou and Ershun Pan


Application of Dynamic PSA Framework Using Performance-based Surrogate Method to Large LOCA Scenario
Jong Woo Park and Seung Jun Lee


Enhancement of the Treatment of System Interactions in a Dynamic PRA Tool
Yoichi Tanaka, Hitoshi Tamaki, Xiaoyu Zheng and Tomoyuki Sugiyama


Exploring and Generating Thermal-Hydraulic Models for Dynamic PRA Using Statecharts: The example of MAAP5
Claudia Picoco, Valentin Rychkov and Tunc Aldemir


Display of Dynamical Behaviour of Nuclear Power Plant States in Risk Monitor System - Use of the GO-FLOW Methodology and Interactive Update -
Takeshi Matsuoka


Multi-State Hybrid System Reliability Model Based on Hybrid Automaton
Lulu Jia, Cheng Qian, Yi Ren, Dezhen Yang, Qiang Feng, Bo Sun and Zhifeng Li


Reliability Analysis of a Reconfigurable Safety System Using Petri Net and Comparison with Smart Component Method
Darpan Krishnakumar Shukla and A. John Arul


Importance Measures in Repairable Systems
Marc Bouissou, Ola Bäckström, Pavel Krcal and Pengbo Wang


A Multi-State Model of the Aging Process of Cyber-Physical Systems
Zhaojun Hao, Francesco Di Maio and Enrico Zio


Dynamic Risk Analysis of Operation of the Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
Ruochen Yang, Ingrid Bouwer Utne, Yiliu Liu and Nicola Paltrinieri


Decision Making for Optimal Primary-Support Selection to Minimise Tunnel-Squeezing Risk
Yu Chen, Edoardo Patelli, Peng Zeng, Ben Edwards, Tianbin Li and Michael Beer


A Dynamic Probabilistic Safety Assessment Method Combining Biasing Technique with MCDET
Pan Xiaolei


A Probabilistic Approach to Dynamic Resilience Assessment of Power Systems
Farshid Faghihi, Pierre Henneaux, Pierre-Etienne Labeau and Mathaios Panteli


Dynamic PRA of Flooding-Initiated Accident Scenarios Using THALES2-RAPID
Kotaro Kubo, Xiaoyu Zheng, Yoichi Tanaka, Hitoshi Tamaki, Tomoyuki Sugiyama, Sunghyon Jang, Takashi Takata and Akira Yamaguchi


Reliability Forecasting for Components/Systems with respect to 1-, 2- and 3- Dimensions of Stress Factors
Abderrahim Krini and Josef Börcsök


Quasi-Simultaneous System Modeling in ADAPT
Brian Cohn, Todd Noel, Troy Haskin, Doug Osborn and Tunc Aldemir


Advanced Methods for Loss-Of-Flow Accident Precursors Identification in a Superconducting Magnet Cryogenic Cooling Circuit
Vincenzo Destino, Roberto Bonifetto, Nicola Pedroni, Laura Savoldi, Francesco Di Maio, Enrico Zio and Enrico Zio


Integration of Hidden Markov Modeling and Bayesian Network for Fault Detection and Fault Prediction: an Automotive Case Study
Morteza Soleimani, Felician Campean, Daniel Neagu and Aleksandr Doikin


A Method of Health Assessment for On-orbit Satellite Equipment based on Bayesian Network and FMEA
Zixia Zheng, Dongteng Long, Bo Zhou and Heng Zheng


Dynamic Reliability Modeling for k-out-of-N:G Redundant System with Common Cause Failure and Parametric Uncertainty
Yufei Song, Jinhua Mi, Yuhua Cheng and Libing Bai


Study on Quantitative Evaluation Method of Interaction Multi-Layer Model for Nuclear Fuel Facilities Considering External Natural Hazard
K. Mori, H. Muta and Y. Ohtori


Dynamic Reliability Analysis Framework for Integrated Energy Systems
A. Guler Yigitoglu, M. S. Greenwood and T. J. Harrison


Dynamic Transitions: Simulating Changes of Probabilistic Laws at Discrete Instants
Y. Dutuit, C. Folleau, J.-P. Signoret and P. Thomas