Technical Programme

Session: T15Environmental Risk Analysis


Using Level 3 PSA to Inform Emergency Planning for Severe Accidents
Donal Gallagher


Health Impacts of Current and Future Cars
Stefan Hirschberg, Christian Bauer, Thomas Heck, Matteo Spada, Peter Burgherr, Christopher Mutel and Romain Sacchi


Circular Bioeconomy Growth to Face the Increasing Industrial Risk
Massimo Mari, Lia Millucci, Antonio Fardelli and Carla Mazziotti Gomez De Teran


Using Machine Learning Models to Detect Oil Spills
Ana Cláudia Souza Vidal de Negreiros, Caio Bezerra Souto Maior, Isis Didier Lins, Paulo Renato Soares and Márcio das Chagas Moura


Odour Nuisance: Decision Support Tools to Anticipate and Represent Levels of Odour Nuisance on a Territory
Billy Pottier, Veronica Popa-Artigue, Jerome Tixier, Sylvain Olivier and Jean-Louis Fanlo