Technical Programme

Session: T25Maintenance Modelling and Applications


Is It Too Late? In-life Change to Optimal Maintenance Strategy based on Advanced Reliability Models in Wind Farms
J. Izquierdo, A. Crespo, J. Uribetxebarria and A. Erguido


Maintenance Strategy for the Road Infrastructure for the Autonomous Vehicle
Ikram Najeh, Laurent Bouillaut, Dimitri Daucher and Maxime Redondin


Modified Repair Quality Index for Complex Repairable Systems
Garima Sharma and Rajiv Nandan Rai


Modeling Imperfect Maintenance with Stochastic Petri Nets
Florent Brissaud and Cyrille Folleau


Cost-Effective Planning Reliability-Based Inspections of Fatigued Structures in the Case of Log-Location-Scale Distributions of Lifetime under Parametric Uncertainty
Nicholas A. Nechval, Gundars Berzins and Konstantin N. Nechval


Maintenance Optimization on A Network Flow
Michele Urbani and Matteo Brunelli


Risk-Based Prioritization of Technological Obsolescence Issues
Isabel Martón, Ana Sánchez, Sebastián Martorell and Sofia Carlos


Improving Maintenance Information Retrieval with Auto-generated Question-Answer Pairs
Yu Fan, Chuan Lv, Xiaoyu Sun, Chao Dai and Huan Zhang


Modelling and Prognostics of System Degradation using Variance Gamma Process
Marwa Belhaj Salem, Estelle Deloux and Mitra Fouladirad


Predictive Maintenance Policies for Multi-Site Deteriorating Systems Subject to Limited Resources
Nourelhouda Azeli, Khac Tuan Huynh and Antoine Grall


Maintenance with Learning for a System Subject to Random Shocks and Degradation
Firoozeh Haghighi and Bruno Castanier


An External Shock - Internal Barrier Degradation Model to Account for Operational Loads
Jørn Vatn and Frank Børre Pedersen


Optimal Grouping and Scheduling of Preventive Maintenance Activities
P. Viveros, R. Mena, E. Zio and S. Campos


Unobserved Heterogeneity in Imperfect Maintenance Models
Xingheng Liu, Yann Dijoux and Jørn Vatn


Preventive Maintenance of a Compressor Station: A Modeling Framework for the Assessment of Performance
Renny Arismendi, Anne Barros and Antoine Grall


Estimation of Failure Probabilities for Maintenance Activities Regarding Product Fleets in Use: Censored Data Handling – An Automotive Engineering Case Study
Stefan Bracke and Franz-Georg Neupert


Condition-Based Maintenance Model for A Single Component Subject to Long Preparation Time and Limited Maintenance Opportunities
Abu MD Ariful Islam and Jørn Vatn


A Fuzzy Logic based Methodology for the Assessment of Risks of Deferred Maintenance
Gabriele Baldissone, Micaela Demichela and Myrto Konstantinidou