Technical Programme

Session: T26Mathematical Models and Methods for Reliability and Safety


Coverage Probability of Methods for Steady-State Availability Inference with a Confidence Interval
Frank Müller, Peter Zeiler and Bernd Bertsche


Calibration of Contributing Factors for Model-Based Predictive Analysis Algorithm using Polynomial Chaos Expansion Methods
Xiaolong Wang, Xiang Fang, Lukas Beller and Florian Holzapfel


Operating Reliability in the Special Air Transport of the Aircraft Gulfstream G55
Justyna Tomaszewska, Marta Woch and Mariusz Zieja


Quasi-Static Approach for Modeling Dynamic Effects in Large PSA Models
Gerben Dirksen and Heiko Kollasko


Automatic Petri Net Generation from Smart Component Reliability Models
Darpan Krishnakumar Shukla and A. John Arul


Selecting Representative Hazard Scenarios for Engineering Systems with Inverse Form
Hugo Rosero-Velásquez and Daniel Straub


Reliability at Use Condition Considering the Statistical Uncertainty and Distribution of Life-Stress Model and a Sample of Load Spectra
Peter Zeiler and Aleksandar Eric


Two-Dimensional Simulation Study on the Response Processes of Explosive in Thermal Environment
Lan Wei and Xiaomian Hu


Availability of Critical Industrial Equipment based on a FMEA-AHP Analysis
A. Carvalho and J. Sobral


A Weak Interactions Based Method for Pipeline Leak Detection
Karol Golak, Rafal Gradzki and Pawel Lindstedt


Evaluation of Empirical Bayes Estimators of Correlated Event Rates and Implications for Predicting New Product Reliability
Rafael Schwarzenegger, John Quigley and Lesley Walls


Detecting Out of Distribution Objects in Semantic Segmentation of Street Scenes
Dominik Brüggemann, Stefan Bracke, Robin Chan, Matthias Rottmann and Hanno Gottschalk


Misspecification Analysis of a Gamma - with an Inverse Gaussian-Based Degradation Model in the Presence of Measurement Error
Bruno Castanier, Nicola Esposito and Massimiliano Giorgio


Low-Cycle Fatigue Life Prediction and Reliability Evaluation of Turbine Blades with Distributed Collaborative LSSVR
Hai-Feng Gao, Enrico Zio and Anjenq Wang


A Perturbed Gamma Process with Random Effect and State-Dependent Error
Bruno Castanier, Nicola Esposito, Massimiliano Giorgio and Agostino Mele


Minimal Cut Vectors of Multi-State Systems Identified Using Logic Differential Calculus and Multi-Valued Decision Diagrams
Miroslav Kvassay, Patrik Rusnak, Elena Zaitseva and Jozef Kostolny


DHS Model for The Analysis of A Repairable System
A. Syamsundar, V. N. A. Naikan and Shaomin Wu


Application of Maximum Likelihood Decision Rules for Handling Class Imbalance in Semantic Segmentation
Robin Chan, Matthias Rottmann, Hanno Gottschalk, Fabian Hüger and Peter Schlicht


Reliability and Sensitivity Analysis of A Repairable K-out-of-N:F System with General Life- and Repair Times Distribution
Vladimir Rykov and Nika Ivanova


Reliability Analysis of a Homogeneous Hot Standby Data Transmission System
Houankpo H.G.K., Kozyrev D.V., Nibasumba E. and Mouale M.N.B.


Cross-Entropy-Based Importance Sampling With Projection in Low Dimensional Subspace for Rare Event Simulation in High Dimension
Maxime El Masri, Jérôme Morio and Florian Simatos


When Considering the Asymptotic Availability Is Not a Safe Bet
Christian Tanguy