Technical Programme

Session: T29Occupational Safety


Working Conditions and Safety in the Gig Economy – A Media Coverage Analysis
Marie Nilsen, Trond Kongsvik and Stian Antonsen


Working Situation Reference Model for Risk Assessment on Automated Assembly Lines
Romain Duponnois, Pascal Lamy, Eric Levrat and Ali Siadat


Comparative Study between China and France for Accident Prevention in Confined Spaces
Yan Dong, Yan Liu, Olivier Salvi and Jessica Queron


WorkingAge: Providing Occupational Safety through Pervasive Sensing and Data Driven Behavior Modeling
Mariagrazia Fugini, Alessandro Barenghi, Sara Comai, Gerardo Pelosi, Roberto Tedesco, Marteyn van Gasteren, Carlos Alberto Catalina, Estefanía Arribas Leal, Raquel Losada Durán, Rosa Maria Resende de Almeida, Adriana Grau, Yolanda Bueno, Alexander Mertens, Vera Rick, Hatice Gunes, Tian Xu, Gianluca Borghini, Vincenzo Ronca and Hesam Sagha


Safety Measures for Released Workpieces in Vertical Turning
Adrian Albero Rojas, Volker Wittstock, Patrick Puschmann, Matthias Putz and Heinrich Mödden


Occupational Safety in Micro Firms using Chemicals: Evidence from Cyprus, Greece and Romania
Chris Bachtsetzis, Kostas Tzanas, Ioannis Anyfantis and George Boustras


Accident Types and Barrier Failures in 69 Fatal Accidents in The Construction Industry
Stig Winge and Eirik Albrechtsen