Technical Programme

Session: T30Optimization of Reliability Maintenance and Safety


The Two-Stage Cloud Platform Scheduling Strategy of Stress Simulation Analysis of Electronic Devices
Jiayue Fang, Ying Chen and Rui Kang


Environmental Contours and Optimal Design
Kristina Rognlien Dahl and Arne Bang Huseby


Enhancements of Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis and Its Application to the Railway Industry
Roberto Mascherona, Luca Bellani, Michele Compare, Roberto Trucco and Enrico Zio


Belief Reliability-Based Design Optimization of Structures
Yubing Chen, Meilin Wen, Rui Kang and Qingyuan Zhang


Multi-State Top Event Prevention Analysis
R. Youngblood


The R-Interdiction Continuous P-Median Problem with Uncertain Attacks
Pei Yang, Yiyong Xiao, Siyue Zhang, Wenbing Chang and Shenghan Zhou


A Reliability-Based Optimization Framework for Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structures
Mohammad Rezvanipour, Peyman Amirafshari, Lin Wang and Athanasios Kolios


A Model to Estimate the Optimal Time of Replacement of Potential Transformer in Power Transmission System
G.A. Costa Lima, L.A.N. Costa, A.M. Teodoro Filho, G.M.O. Salles and A. Pinto


Modelling Resource Reservation in a Two Parking lot Problem with Client Priorities
Athanasia Kadrefi, Vasilis P. Koutras and Agapios N. Platis


An Empirical Approach to Reliability-based Design using Scenario Optimization
Roberto Rocchetta and Luis G. Crespo


A Comparative Study of Markov Decision Process Algorithms for Multi-Component Condition-Based Maintenance
Jesper Fink Andersen, Anders Reenberg Andersen, Bo Friis Nielsen and Murat Kulahci


Research on Reliability Growth Program and Method Based on W Model and AMASS Model
Wei Wang, Jiake Li and Jingfen Li


System Approach to Reliability Engineering - Case: Wave Energy Converter
Risto Tiusanen, Eetu Heikkilä, Minna Räikkönen and Tero Välisalo


A Quantum-Inspired Genetic Algorithm for Optimization of a Joint-Maintenance Strategy on Multi-Component Engineering Systems
Jinrong Cao, Xuan Wang and Diyin Tang