Technical Programme

Session: T36Resilience Analysis, Assessment and Management


Resilience Assessment of Bunkering Operations for A LNG Fuelled Ship
Tomaso Vairo, Paola Gualeni, Bruno Fabiano and Agostino C. Benvenuto


Modelling Emergency Management Capabilities and Information Flows of Interdependent Systems
Mariachiara Piraina and Paolo Trucco


Quantifiable Resilience Analytics of Power Grids by Simulating Power Flows
Daniel Hupp, Tomas Hruz and Ralf Mock


Are Safe and Resilient Systems less Effective and Productive?
T.M. Stene and K. Fjørtoft


A Bayesian Network Approach to Predicting Transmission Line Down Times
Erlend Sandø Kiel and Gerd Hovin Kjølle


Resilience Metrics for Interdependent Infrastructure Systems: A Literature Review (Part 1)
Paolo Trucco, Boris Petrenj, Riccardo Lodi Rizzini and Mattia Landi


Supply Chain Resilience Under a Performance-Based contract
Araceli Zavala, David Nowicki and Jose E. Ramirez-Marquez


Assessing the Resilience of an Electrified Transportation Network Considering Failures of Charging Stations
Hongping Wang, Yi-Ping Fang, Islam Abdin and Enrico Zio


The Evolution of the Resilience Framework Through EU Funded Research
Anastasia Tzioutziou and Yiannis Xenidis


Cross Border Critical Infrastructure: A New Approach for the Protection Evaluation
Fabio Borghetti, Giovanna Marchionni, Elena Gugiatti, Christian Ambrosi, Dorota Czerski and Dorota Czerski


A Condition-Based Maintenance Strategy in Support of Risk Management for Hospital Buildings Refrigeration Units
Francesco Rota, Alberto Maldarella, Maria Cinzia Luisa Talamo and Giancarlo Paganin


Metrics for Bridge Resilience Indicators
Zehra Irem Turksezer, Maria Pina Limongelli and Michael Havbro Faber


Resilience Based Maintenance: A Conceptual Approach
Lech Bukowski and Sylwia Werbińska-Wojciechowska


Operationalization and Application of Resilience Enhancing Design Principles for District Heating Systems
Tino Mitzinger, Johannes Röder and Pablo Thier


A View of the New Space Sector Resilience
Olga Sokolova and Matteo Madi


Enhancing the Organizational Resilience Through the Safety Management System
Fabio Pera, Marianna Madonna and Ernesto Del Prete


Contribution of Diversity to the Resilience of Energy Systems – A literature review
Pablo Thier and Cécile Pot d’or


Resilience Analysis of Multistate Energy System with Time-Dependent Behaviors
Shijia Du and Zhiguo Zeng


Quantitative Resilience Assessment of Urban Buried Gas Pipeline Network System
Yue Zhang and Wenguo Weng


A Quantitative Model to Define the Priority of Recovery of Road Network Elements Following a Relevant Event
Fabio Borghetti, Marco Ponti, Giovanna Marchionni, Luca Studer, Paolo Gandini and Roberto Maja


Resilience - A Key Element in User-centred Services?
T.M. Stene and L.S. Ramstad


Generating Worst-Case Scenarios By Randomly Distributing Loads for Risk Assessment in Low Voltage Residential Electricity Grids
Shangdan Yang, Peggy Bergmann, Karen Derendorf, Frank Schuldt and Karsten von Maydell


A Supervised Classification Method Based on Logistic Regression With Elastic-Net Penalization for Heat Waves Identification to Enhance Resilience Planning in Electrical Power Distribution Grids
Luca Bellani, Michele Compare, Roberto Mascherona, Bartolomeo Greco, Andrea Morotti, Luca Perfetto, Gaetano Iannarelli, Alessandro Bosisio and Enrico Zio