Technical Programme

Session: T39Risk Assessment


Safety Risk Control on Construction of Highway Tunnel Undercrossing Existing Highway
Haoran Song and Shaoxin Liu


Waste Disposal Facilities Fires: Prevention and Management. The Veneto Region Experience
Chiara Vianello, Paolo Mocellin, Giuseppe Maschio, Gianpaolo Bottacin and Fabio Dattilo


A Comparison of Hazardous Scenarios in Architectures with Different Integration Types
Nanda Anugrah Zikrullah, Meine J.P. van der Meulen, Gunleiv Skofteland and Mary Ann Lundteigen


Real-Time Risk Analysis of Natural Gas Pipeline Emergency Repair Process Based on Dynamic FAHP
Zhao Likang and Xiong Yi


A Maintenance Scheduling Optimization for Wind Farms
A. Shojaei Barjouei, Abbas Barabadi and Javad Barabady


A Comparative Risk Assessment for Passenger Cars in Europe
Matteo Spada and Peter Burgherr


A Conceptual Study on the Complex Behaviour of Radiological Emergency Evacuation – Focusing on Resilience
Gibeom Kim, Yujeong Hwang and Gyunyoung Heo


Technical Safety Studies to Save Money
Andrea Mancini and Stefania Benucci


CFD Modelling of Pressurized Gas Releases: Sensitivity Analysis of Driving Parameters
Alberto Moscatello, Gianmario Ledda, Anna C. Uggenti, Raffaella Gerboni and Andrea Carpignano


Impact of Human and Organizational Factors Applying HAZOP: Results from a Systematic Literature Review and Interviews
Silje Arendt Olsen, Sizarta Sarshar, John Eidar Simensen, Kine Reegård and Coralie Esnoul


Implementing Into Practice an Uncertainty-Based Risk Perspective: Main Challenges and Opportunities
Marie Røyksund, Terje Aven and Hermann S.Wiencke


Application of Formal Assessment (FSA) Methodology on Offshore Salt Caverns Projects
Marco Aurélio Pestana, Carlos Henrique Bittencourt Morais and Marcelo Ramos Martins


Comparison of CFD Numerical Approaches for the Simulation of Accidental Gas Release in Energy Applications
Fabrizio Pappalardo, Alberto Moscatello, Anna Chiara Uggenti, Raffaella Gerboni, Andrea Carpignano, Francesco Di Maio, Riccardo Mereu and Enrico Zio


Consequence Analysis – A State-Of-The-Art Public Dose Calculation Tool
Manorma Kumar, Joakim Klug, Riccardo Bevilacqua, Gustaf Holst, Leif Spanier, Sigrid Kozielski and Peter Jacobsson


Scrutinizing Subjective Likelihood Judgments
Kasprik and S. Rainald


Analysis of Gas Pipeline Characteristics and Their Influence in Risk Assessment Results
Edmilson P. Silva, André P. Soares and Giovani S. Dellamea


Checklist for Risk Assessment of Chemical Substance Hazards to Prevent Process Accidents
Yukiyasu Shimada, Yoshihiko Sato and Akiko Takahashi


Lessons Learned on, from, and for PSA – Perspective of the ETSON Experts
Marina Roewekamp, Veronique Jacques, Gabriel Georgescu, Attila Bareith, Robertas Alzbutas, Mirela Nitoi and Neil Harman


OECD/NEA WGRISK: Overview on Ongoing and Potential Future Activities
Marina Roewekamp, Kwang-Il Ahn, Sung Min Shin, Attila Bareith, Vinh N. Dang and Markus Porthin


Establishing the Recovery Failure Curve by Plant Specific Data
Min-Hua Lee and Chung-Kung Lo


Risk Assessment in the E-LAND Project
Xueli Gao, Coralie Esnoul, Silje Arendt Olsen, Per-Arne Jørgensen and Bjørn Axel Gran


COHeReNT: A HRN-Based Risk Assessment Method Tailored to Human-Robot Collaboration
Erik Mollbach and Magnus Albert


The Establishment and Quantification of Risk Evaluation Index System in Tank Farm
Jiang Lili, Han Chao, Chen Fengyun and Xu Liansheng


An Integrated Analysis Approach Based on PSA and RAMI for Fusion Device
Ming Sun, Jin Wang, Pengcheng Long, Lijuan Hao, Shanqi Chen, Fang Wang and Jie Yu


Risk Assessment in Visual Inspection of Critical Hardware Using Bayesian Belief Network: A Case Study
Alexandre Gomes Vinagre, Marcelo Póvoas, Rennan Arrighi, Lincoln Campelo Dias, Daniel Cunha de Araujo Junior, José Cristiano Pereira and Gilson Brito Alves Lima


Uncertainty Representation with Extended Evidential Networks for Modeling Safety of The Intended Functionality (SOTIF)
Ahmad Adee, Peter Munk, Roman Gansch and Peter Liggesmeyer


Limitations of Traditional PRA Tools in External Hazard Risk Assessment for Beyond Design Basis Events
Pragya Vaishanav, Abhinav Gupta, Saran Bodda and Emmanuel Viallet


Integrating FRAM with Dynamic Graph Approach for Risk Analysis During Maintenance Operation
Behnaz Hosseinnia, Stein Haugen, Nima Khakzad and Nicola Paltrinieri


An Algorithm for Risk-Informed Analysis of Advanced Nuclear Reactors with a Case Study of Pipe Failure Rate Estimation
John Beal, Tatsuya Sakurahara, Seyed Reihani, Ernie Kee and Zahra Mohaghegh


Concept For A Second Life Use of Traction Batteries in Private Households: The Impact of An Adapted Environmental Setting on The Product Reliability
Stefan Bracke and Lea Hannah Guenther


Increasing the Effectiveness of the Risk Assessment in the Project Management Through Implementing the Poisson Process and Poisson Distribution
Katarina Holla, Michal Brutovsky and Pavol Prievoznik