Technical Programme

Session: T42Risk Management


Record Flooding Risk and Emergency Power Outage Restoration
Romney B. Duffey


Resilience or Faith
Ben J.M. Ale, Des N.D. Hartford and David H. Slater


The Risk Picture of Dynamic Positioning Operations Within the Oil and Gas Industry
Sandra Hogenboom, Jan Erik Vinnem and Ingrid Bouwer Utne


Selected Risk Treatment of Electronic Warfare Development
Petr Hlavizna and Alena Oulehlova


Inherent Safety Assessment: Current State of the Art and Why Is Still Not Effectively Adopted by Industry
Sharmin Sultana, Jan Erik Vinnem, Jan Dahlsveen and Stein Haugen


Emergency Response Alliances on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
Trond Stillaug Johansen, Stine Albertsen Ranum, Maria Snørteland Wold, Jan Erik Vinnem, Mads Lindberg, Sigurd R. Jacobsen and Arnt-Heikki Steinbakk


Barrier Management Digitalization in the Oil and Gas Industry – Status and Challenges
K. Øien, S. Hauge and T.O. Grøtan


Risk Informed BIM Models – A Data Gathering with End Users
André A. Hauge, Morten Gustavsen, Sizarta Sarshar, Rune Winther and Sunniva N. Hansen


Risk and Security Practices: Experiences from the E-Land Project
Coralie Esnoul, Silje Arendt Olsen, Bjørn Axel Gran, Xueli Gao, Per-Arne Jørgensen and John Eidar Simensen


Risk Analysis in the Eddy-Current Process Utilizing Bayesian Belief Networks (BBN)
Lincoln Campelo Dias and José Cristiano Pereira


Research on Double-Preventive Model of Expressway Operation Safety Risk and Hidden Danger
Ran Li, Shaoxiong Huang and Bo Zhang


FRAM Approach for Barrier Management in Offshore Drilling
Seyed Iliya Pezeshki, Behnaz Hosseinnia Nicola Paltrinieri and Valerio Cozzani