Technical Programme

Session: T45Risk-based Decision Making


Improving Safety and Efficiency Through Digital Decision Support. A Case-based Descriptive Analysis of Digital Adoption at Small Group Level
Helen von Hirsch-Maclean and Ole Harald Utvik


Risk Analysis for Decision Support — A Case Study on Fatigue Assessment of a Steel Bridge
Ruoqi Wang, John Leander and Raid Karoumi


A Risk-Based Diagnostic Campaign Optimization For Electric Power Distribution Networks
Luca Bellani, Roberto Mascherona, Michele Compare, Enrico Zio, Gaetano Iannarelli, Vittorio Giarola, Andrea Ruffini, Bartolomeo Greco, Andrea Morotti, Luca Cavalletto and Manuel Intini


Design for Contract Mechanism of Acceptance Sampling Plans based on Two-Person Game
Dayu Chen, Xiaoyang Li and Rui Kang


Knowledge-Based System for Risk Engineering During the Bidding Process
Rania Ayachi, Elise Vareilles, Thierry Coudert, Konstantinos Kirytopoulos, Michel Aldanondo and Laurent Geneste


Towards Simulation of Dynamic Risk-Based Border Crossing Checkpoints
Aishvarya Kumar Jain, Yupak Satsrisakul, Mirjam Fehling-Kaschek, Ivo Häring and Jeroen Van Rest


Investment and Operation of Energy Storage for Power Outage Mitigation
Katherine Emma Lonergan, Raphael Wu and Giovanni Sansavini


Transmission System Expansion Planning Considering the Risk of Systemic Failures in Electric Power Grids
Blazhe Gjorgiev, Alexander E. David and Giovanni Sansavini


Solution Set-Up for Airport Protection from Intruder Drones
Angela Vozella, Francisco Muñoz Sanz, Mario Antonio Solazzo, Edgar Martinavarro Armengol, Pierre Bieber and Giancarlo Ferrara


Simulation-Based Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Cost-Risk-Effectiveness in Prognostic Maintenance Operations: A Case Study from Railway Industry
Fateme Dinmohammadi, Babakalli Alkali, Mahmood Shafiee, Saber Saati and Ashraf Labib


New Advances and Developments in Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) of Marine Structures
Mahmood Shafiee and Carlos Guedes Soares


Integrated Risk-Informed Decision Framework to Minimize Wildfire-Induced Power Outage Risks: A County-Level Spatiotemporal Analysis
Nima Masoudvaziri, Prasangsha Ganguly, Sayanti Mukherjee and Kang Sun


Adopting a Robust Attitude: Risk-Constrained Decisions and Knowledge Acquisition
William Fauriat


Optimizing Technology-Based Decision-Support for Management of Infrastructures Under Risk: The Case of Power Grids
Michael F. Pacevicius, Marilia A. Ramos and Nicola Paltrinieri


Simulation-Based Derived Maintenance Spares Criticality Assessment
James Wakiru, Liliane Pintelon, Peter Muchiri and Peter Chemweno


Development of an Algorithm to Convert Linear Belief Function Inputs to Exponential Conditional Probability Functions for Multiple Method Applications
Sean Loughney and Jin Wang


Optimal Sensors Positioning for Condition-Based Risk Assessment by Particle Swarm Optimization
Seyed Mojtaba Hoseyni, Francesco Di Maio and Enrico Zio


A Probabilistic Risk Analysis in the Overhaul of Turbo Fan Engines Using Bayesian Belief Networks: A Case Study
Joel Tzaschel Alves Meira and José Cristiano Pereira


State-Of-The-Art on Artificial Intelligence for Risk-Based Decision-Making in Autonomous Marine Vehicles
Renan G. Maidana, Ingrid B. Utne and Asgeir J. Sørensen