Technical Programme

Session: T47Security


“Shall We Play a Game?&” The Pros and Cons of Wargaming Reachback Support in Security Risk Analysis
Håvard Fridheim and Stein Malerud


Threat Analysis: Scenarios and Their Likelihoods
Dustin Witte, Daniel Lichte and Kai-Dietrich Wolf


Norwegian Societal Security and State Security - Challenges and Dilemmas
Tonje Grunnan, Monica Endregard, Ragnhild E. Siedler and Ann-Kristin Elstad


Factors Influencing the Spread of Poisoning Substances in the Subway and their Impact on Passengers
Petra Roupcova, Hana Kubatova, Karel Klouda, Marek Nechvatal and Katerina Batrlova


Approach to Generic Multilevel Risk Assessment of Automotive Mobile Access Systems
Thomas Termin, Daniel Lichte and Kai-Dietrich Wolf


Standardizing Homeland Security Through First-Line Vigilant Surveillance. Fields, Habitus and the Redistribution of Counterterrorist Responsibilities in Scandinavia
Martin M. Sjøen


Development of the Concept of Radicalization
Ömer Faruk Sazak, Odd Einar Olsen and Bjørn Ivar Kruke