Technical Programme

Session: T50Software Reliability and Safety


Agile Safety Case and DevOps for the Automotive Industry
Thor Myklebust, Tor Stålhane and Geir K. Hanssen


Enhancing State-Of-The-Art Safety Case Patterns to Support Change Impact Analysis
Carmen Carlan and Barbara Gallina


A Model-Based Systematic Approach for Evaluation of Potential Faults in Application Software of Digital I&C Systems in Nuclear Power Plants
Hervé Mbonjo, Ewgenij Piljugin and Felix Gärner


Fault Injectors for TensorFlow: Evaluation of the Impact of Random Hardware Faults on Deep CNNs
Michael Beyer, Andrey Morozov, Emil Valiev, Christoph Schorn, Lydia Gauerhof Kai Ding and Klaus Janschek