Technical Programme

Session: T52Structural Reliability


Reliable Design of Adaptive Load-Bearing Structures with Focus on Sustainability
Andreas Ostertag, Martin Dazer, Bernd Bertsche, Friederike Schlegl, Stefan Albrecht, Philip Leistner, Andreas Gienger, Julia Wagner, Cristina Tarín and Oliver Sawodny


Probabilistic Approach to Service Life of Concrete Structures
Milan Holicky, Jan Mlcoch and Miroslav Sykora


Probabilistic Analyses of Chimneys, Towers and Masts
Jana Markova and Karel Jung


A Science Mapping Review of Human and Organizational Factors in Structural Reliability
Xin Ren, Karel C. Terwel, Jie Li and Pieter H.A.J.M. van Gelder


Probabilistic Fatigue Analysis of the Existing Steel Crane Runway
Martin Krejsa, Jiri Brozovsky, Petr Lehner and Premysl Parenica


Probabilistic Models for Penstock Integrity Assessment
Bryla Philippe, Ardillon Emmanuel and Dumas Antoine


Improvement of FORM/SORM Estimates by Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Karl Breitung


Statistical Parameters of Steel Rebars of Reinforced Concrete Existing Structures
Pietro Croce, Paolo Formichi, Filippo Landi, Benedetta Puccini, Vincenzo Zotti and Francesca Marsili


Probabilistic Methodology for the Assessment of the Impact of Climate Change on Structural Safety
Pietro Croce, Paolo Formichi and Filippo Landi


Reliability of Roof Structures Subjected to Snow Loads
Pietro Croce, Paolo Formichi and Filippo Landi


Probabilistic Safety Assessment of Concrete Columns by Approximate Bayesian Computation
Manuel Chiachío Ruano, José Barros Cabezas and Juan Chiachío Ruano


Structural Reliability of Liquid-Filled Steel Tanks Subjected to Seismic Demands
Daniel Moreno, Konstantinos V. Belivanis and Bret A. Tegeler


Robustness Evaluation of Reliability Assessments of Penstocks Using Info-Gap Method
Antoine Ajenjo, Emmanuel Ardillon, Vincent Chabridon, Scott Cogan and Emeline Sadoulet-Reboul