Technical Programme

Session: T53System Reliability


Efficient Reliability Analysis of an Axial Compressor in Consideration of Epistemic Uncertainty
Julian Salomon, Niklas Winnewisser, Pengfei Wei, Matteo Broggi and Michael Beer


Procedure to Solve Mutually Dependent Fault Trees (FT with Loops)
Takeshi Matsuoka


A Novel Reliability Allocation Method for Uncertain Random System Based on Structural Importance
Zhicong Chen, Tianpei Zu, Rui Kang and Haowei Wang


Lifecycle Operational Reliability Evaluation of Water Distribution Networks Using Probability Density Evolution Method
Liu Wei and Song Zhaoyang


Weibull Distribution Model: Empirical Study with Regard to the Scatter Behaviour of Threshold Parameter - Impact on Risk Analytics
Stefan Bracke and Alicia Puls


Advanced Reactor System Design Insights from STAMP-Based Analysis of Historical Parallels
Megan Harkema, Steven Krahn and Paul Marotta


Reliability-Based Group Mobility Model and Reliability Evaluation Algorithm for Hierarchical and Heterogeneous Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Jiatao He, Shihu Xiang and Jun Yang


Dynamic Dependability Assessment of Industrial Control Systems Using Colored Stochastic Petri Nets
Grâce Boyer, Nicolae Brînzei, Jacques Camerini, Moulaye Ndiaye and Jean-François Pétin


Reduction Methods on Probabilistic Control-Flow Programs for Reliability Analysis
Clemens Dubslaff, Andrey Morozov, Christel Baier and Klaus Janschek


Improvement and Verification Methods for Components/Systems in Automobile Applications in the Field of Reliability Forecasting with respect to One and Two Dimensions of Stress Factors
Abderrahim Krini and Josef Börcsök


Application of Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation in System Reliability Analysis
Masoud Naseri


Modelling the Dependability Measures of a Multi-State Degraded Wind Farm System with Minimal Repairs Using the UGF Technique
Panagiotis M. Psomas, Agapios N. Platis and Vasilis P. Koutras


Modeling the Consequences of a Feared Event by Stochastic Hybrid Automata
Nicolae Brînzei, Carole Duval, Hassane Chraïbi, Mickaël Hassanaly and Jean-François Aubry


Reliability Evaluation of Heterogeneous Drone Fleet by Structure Function Based Method
Elena Zaitseva, Vitaly Levashenko, Miroslav Kvassay and Vyacheslav Kharchenko


An Adaptive Subset Simulation Algorithm for System Reliability Analysis with Discrete Random Variables
Chan Jianpeng, Papaioannou Iason and Straub Daniel


Overview of a Complete Hardware Safety Integrity Verification According to IEC 61508 for the CERN Next Generation of Radiation Monitoring Safety System
Saskia Kristina Hurst, Hamza Boukabache and Daniel Perrin


Modelling Refinery Pump System Reliability Using Branching Processes
Ioanna A. Mitrofani and Vasilis P. Koutras