Technical Programme

Session: T57Multi-Unit Nuclear Plant PSA


Demonstration of a Fukushima Inspired Multiunit Nuclear Power Accident Risk Assessment Framework for Analysis of Accident Scenarios and Improving Responses
Yinan Cai and Michael W. Golay


Modeling and Quantification Uncertainties in Multi-Unit PSA
Woo Sik Jung and Seong Kyu Park


Actual Status of Development of Multi-Units PSA in France
Pasco Angélique, Boulley Sylvain and Georgescu Gabriel


Evaluating the Adverse Effects of Radioactive Releases in Multi-Unit Probabilistic Safety Assessment
Jae Young Yoon and Dong-San Kim


Risk-Benefits and Trade-Offs for A Broad Range of Long-Term Global Energy Scenarios
Peter Burgherr; Matteo Spada; Laurent Vandepaer; Eleftherios Siskos and Peter Lustenberger


Reorganization of Surgical Services According to Care Setting and Care Complexity in Order to Improve Sustainability in Italian Hospitals
Andrea Urbani; Chiara Verbano; Mariadonata Bellentani; Daniele Donato; Ugo Baccaglini and Luciano Flor


Gearbox Oil Analysis and Failure Prediction Based on Hidden Semi-Markov Model
Siyu Cao; Wenpei Zheng and Viliam Makis


Reliability Evaluation of DCFP in k/n System Considering Shock Threshold Descending
Guixia Zhu; Tianyu Yang and Ying Chen


Multi-Stage Modeling and Remaining Charge-Discharge Cycles Prediction of Rechargeable Batteries Considering Capacity Regeneration Phenomena
Jin-zhen Kong and Dong Wang


Optimizing the Placement of Applications in Autonomous Vehicles
Tobias Kain; Hans Tompits; Julian-Steffen Müller; Maximilian Wesche; Yael Abelardo Martinez Flores and Hendrik Decke


Fdiro: A General Approach for a Fail-Operational System Design
Tobias Kain; Hans Tompits; Julian-Steffen Müller; Philipp Mundhenk; Maximilian Wesche and Hendrik Decke


Model based Safety Analysis using SysML with Automatic Generation of FTA and FMEA Artifacts
Gaëlle Girard; Ivan Baeriswyl; Jonathan James Hendriks; Roland Scherwey; Christian Müller; Philipp Hönig and Rüdiger Lunde


A Review of Resilience in Autonomous Transport to Improve Safety and Security
S. O. Johnsen and S. S. Kilskar


A Statistics-Based Model for Post-Fire Recovery Time of Buildings
Keisuke Himoto