Technical Programme

Session: A19Land Transportation


Safety Approval Process for Guided Transportation
Robert Bains, Thor Myklebust and Narve Lyngby


Test-Oriented Rider Training and Its Effect on Safety for Powered Two-Wheeler Classes in Norway - A Qualitative Study
Jan Petter Wigum, Petter Helmersen Bogfjellmo and Gunhild Brigitte Sætren


Competition in the Rider Training Industry – Beneficial or a Threat to Safety?
Gunhild Birgitte Sætren, Jan Petter Wigum and Petter Helmersen Bogfjellmo


Green Fixed Tour Scheduling Problem with Electric Vehicles Considering Time-Varying Traffic Congestion
Siyue Zhang, Yiyong Xiao and Pei Yang


Prospects of Model-Based Fault Diagnostics for Dynamic Traffic Control Systems on Freeways
Thorsten Neumann and Anja Estel


Accepting Driving Simulators as a Tool in Driver Instructor Training
Gunhild Birgitte Sætren, Toril Fagerli Birkeland, Thor Owe Holmquist, Pål Andreas Pedersen, Martin Rasmussen Skogstad, Catharina Lindheim and Jonas Rennemo Vaag


A Dynamic Risk Assessment Model for Hazardous Chemicals Vehicle Aggregation
Yuying Lai and Yuntao Li


Systematized Knowledge Regarding Guided Transport Systems Safety; from Railway to Hyperloop
Marek Pawlik


Performance Analysis on Raster-based Modelling of Urban Streets
Jinjun Zhao, Hui Zhang, Liu Hong and Min Ouyang


State of Charge Model Application for a Battery Electric Vehicle Exploiting Regenerative Braking in a Virtual Reality Simulator
Michela Longo, Seyedmahdi Miraftabzade, Marika Lamanuzzi, Jacopo Andrea Di Antonio, Federica Foiadelli and Andrea Labombarda


Evacuation of an Hyperloop Pod in a Long Tunnel
Narve Lyngby, Eivind Grøv and Thor Myklebust


Children’s Development of Speed Perception and Its Effect on Road Traffic Safety: A High-Density EEG Study
Stefania Rasulo,Gunhild Birgitte Sætren and Audrey L. H. van der Meer


4391 Buyers of Road Transport Services: Sustainability and Safety Responsibility?
Katrine Grinerud, Gunhild Birgitte Sætren and Wenche Kristin Aarseth