Technical Programme

Session: S11Human Performance in Resilience, Risk and Safety Assessments


Assessing Human Performance in the Era of Resilience Engineering – A Paradigm Shift ?
Miltos Kyriakidis and Vinh N. Dang


Role Independency in Nuclear Power Plant Control Room Teams – Background for an Empirical Simulator Study
Magnhild Kaarstad and Espen Nystad


A Bayesian Network Approach for the Quantitative Assessment of Resilience of Critical Systems
T.V. Santhosh and Edoardo Patelli


Transfer Learning-Based Driving Style Recognition
Shi Yuchen, Wang Yi and Chen Nan


Crowd Sensitive Indicators for Proactive Safety Management: A Theoretical Framework
Francesco Costantino, Giulio Di Gravio, Andrea Falegnami, Riccardo Patriarca, Massimo Tronci, Antonio De Nicola, Giordano Vicoli and Maria Luisa Villani


The Relation Between Behavioral Factors and Humans’ Reactions During Catastrophic Events
Georgia Kaltsidi and Yiannis Xenidis