Technical Programme

Session: T31Organizational Factors


Managerial Sense-Making During Technological Changes
Mina Saghafian, Nadezhda Gotcheva, Karin Laumann and Martin Rasmussen Skogstad


Organizational Influences on the Emergence and Mitigation of Catastrophic Events
Clemens Heitsch, Michael Paßens and Jan C. Stiller


Mindful Safety Practices in the Maritime Industry – The Significance of Safety Climate
Trond Kongsvik, Maria Zakharova and Asbjørn Lein Aalberg


Role of Leadership Types in Managers' Commitment to Safety
David Levovnik and Marko Gerbec


Job Safety Analysis in Large Construction Projects - An Inter-organizational Approach to Risk Analysis and Learning
Heidi Helledal, Kenneth Pettersen Gould and Kari Anne Holte


How Tendering Affects the Resilience of Critical Societal Functions – A Literature Review
Tone N. Slotsvik, Asle Gauteplass, Torgeir Kolstø Haavik, Kristine Vedal Størkersen, Berit Therese Nilsen and Petter G. Almklov


Integrated Management of Safety and Security in Seveso Plants
Marja Ylönen, Jouko Heikkilä and Minna Nissilä


Risks Assessment in Multidisciplinary Project Development Based on OTSM-TRIZ and DSM
Piñones Eduardo, Nikulin Christopher, Zuñiga Marcos, Cardenas Daniel, Pedraza Manuel, Carvajal Gonzalo, Carvajal Rodrigo and Castro Nicolás


Trust Me, You Can Soon Start Tearing Down Your Workplace!
Ann Britt Skjerve, Kine Reegård and Grete Rindahl


Socio-Technical Perspectives on Cyber Security and Definitions of Digital Transformation – A Literature Review
Stine Skaufel Kilskar